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Loungeroom revamp begins.

We have decided that due to the trouble we are having finding someone to re-block the house that we will commence some decorating and go back and repair once stumps have been fixed. Not ideal we know, but we could … Continue reading

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Windows, paint, electrics and lettuce.

Windows coming unstuck! We have only been able to open 2 or 3 windows at our ‘new’ old house and even though there are several air pathways under doors, down chimneys and through the timber floors, there is nothing like … Continue reading

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Broad beans appearing!

Nice restful day today after my heavy duty day yesterday. The weather also was not conducive to doing much outside, even though the sun came out at about 3 o’clock the wind is horrible. I did some more research on … Continue reading

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I’m pooped and I stink!

Well I did before my lovely soak in our Japanese bath! Boy I am going to miss this when we move! A Japanese bath is short but very deep. We have installed ours on a deck outside the main bathroom … Continue reading

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Yay, first wicking bed finished!

With the school term break upon us I had made a list of jobs to do over the break which included finishing the first wicking bed. I then had a brain-wave that if I completed some of the jobs on … Continue reading

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Fence in a Bucket update

Caught by surprise that we had a couple of sunny days last week I forgot to raise the lid on the cold frame and my cuttings got a bit ‘fried’! Instead of the 50 or so I was hoping for … Continue reading

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Weekly Tip September 20th 2012

With Nude food day fast approaching, using the holidays to plan how you are going to make changes to the way you pack lunches and snacks is a good idea. There are several purpose made lunch containers available that include … Continue reading

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By golly this had better be worth it!

You know those times when you start a job and within 30 minutes you wish hadn’t, 2 hours in you know if you don’t finish it you probably wont go back to it and you push yourself past the pain … Continue reading

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Let’s see what Spring has sprung so far.

Rain, rain and more rain here in Gippsland! Shiitakes can be sneaky! I read somewhere that shiitake mushrooms will go dormant and to re-trigger their activity you should bang them or drop them to simulate a log falling from a … Continue reading

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First step down the long, long road.

The very exciting beginning to our restoration/renovation process has officially begun! This week the electrician has started re-wiring the entire house which will include replacing and relocating the meter board, replacing the fuse board with something slightly smaller than the … Continue reading

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