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Chook, chook, chook, chookie!

I’m very excited tonight as the local Mens Shed crew have been and installed the new  chook house. I saw a curved coop somewhere almost 3 years ago, printed a picture and couldn’t find anyone to make it for me. … Continue reading

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Worms, poo & other stuff.

With the huge amounts of leaves I have collected to break down and with 4 large compost bins, chicken coop clearings and as well also collecting kitchen scraps and coffee grinds from work and a few local businesses, I needed … Continue reading

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For some reason we both feel incredibly physically and emotionally drained this weekend. Although I would argue that I didn’t do much, on reflection quite a lot was achieved. I had a lovely time on Saturday with my daughter accompanying … Continue reading

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A mixed bag.

I have had so many different jobs on the boil over the last couple of weeks I can’t decide which to focus on so I’ll do a brief overview of the main ones. Insulation of future main bedroom. With the … Continue reading

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I love the garden in winter, there is a special sense of expectant energy, colours  often seem far more vibrant and I always seem to have a tendency to try to achieve far more than is necessary to be ready … Continue reading

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