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Onion & Rosemary Bread

For years I have been working on mastering the perfect loaf of bread. While the search still continues, I am far more relaxed about the process than I used to be, happy as long as the end result is tasty … Continue reading

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Warm Chicken Salad

I always seem to have run out of steam when its dinner time and I’ve had a busy day at work. I like to keep evening meals really simple to prepare, not taking up too much time to cook and … Continue reading

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Weekend of both taking and making stock.

We have been well and truly under the hammer for time recently with trying to sell two houses, (so we can make improvements to the new one) moving my mother-in-law who is down-sizing and trying to move forward with getting our new property fit … Continue reading

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Weekly Tip

How often do you use your phone book these days? I must admit I haven’t opened one for about 3 years and get some amazed looks when I say just ‘Google it’ or go to or to find … Continue reading

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Orange Soup

Named not because of its citrus content but because nearly every ingredient used is an orangy colour! This is a family favourite and can be in the pot cooking in 10 minutes and ready to serve in about an hour. Ingredients: Butternut … Continue reading

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Cling wrap doesn’t just wrap your lunch!

With Nude Food Day getting closer, (17th October) why don’t you start now.  Go to for some great lunch ideas. We will soon be introducing some major changes to the way waste is managed so it would be wise to … Continue reading

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Pickled Onions

I absolutely love pickled onions! For me they must have a crunch, not be too sweet and have a little bit of a spicy kick to them (not with chile though). I can remember mum and dad using plastic rubbish … Continue reading

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Weekly Tip 8th August 2012

It is reported that Australians put over 30 million plastic toothbrushes into landfill every year. The plastic they are made of will not break down in your  lifetime nor in the lifetime of your children. Consider buying toothbrushes with replaceable … Continue reading

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Salabat or Ginger Tea Powder. When we were in Vietnam we had the pleasure of tasting some ginger tea made by one of the locals. It was absolutely delicious, refreshing and zingy, just what we needed to give relief from … Continue reading

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Let The Sun Shine In!

For the first time in quite a long time, here in Gippsland  we had a Saturday where the sun managed to shine for most of the day. This was delightful, it always makes you feel a little bit better in … Continue reading

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