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Garden Share Collective June 2014

The Garden Share Collective Welcome to my contributions as part of the Garden Share Collective. I love the concept of bloggers being able to support, inspire, advise and educate each other in so many  areas. The following is an extract from the co-ordinator of … Continue reading

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Why basic essentials on hand are essential!

We have both Mr ATMT and my close friends birthdays on the 28th & 29th May respectively, we usually try to organise some sort of get together each year but this year we hadn’t really put a plan of attack into … Continue reading

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Grilled chicken sausage and cabbage toastie.

Mr ATMT rang just after 6.00 to say he was on his way home and I had been busily engrossed in doing some cello practice and completely forgotten about dinner (as always the perfect wife!). Not to worry, luckily I … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of the weekend.

The in’s- In the kitchen. This weekend’s kitchen round up includes, jerusalem artichoke Trial #3, new test for cooking sour dough, delicious breakfast in the (what may be one of the last opportunities) beautiful morning sun. Jerusalem artichoke Trial number 3. … Continue reading

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Beginnings and ending crops.

Last weekend I picked the first broccoli of the season and knew I would have to get back out there in the next few days to pick the next lot while at its peak. Didn’t get out there until after work tonight, … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke Trial No 2

Bit more success this week! One of the recipes I found in my quest for learning about Jerusalem Artichokes was this kale and JA gratin recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, it seemed good as I had kale ready to harvest as well. … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke Trial No 1

Ok, I’ve got this big bucket full of Jerusalem Artichoke, what on earth do I do with them?Googled for recipes that would seem to be suitable,  Decided tonight I would give the Roast Chicken with Jerusalem Artichoke and lemon recipe … Continue reading

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