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Snippets from Sumatra (Part 3)

We had the opportunity to do a walk up a volcano peak but unfortunately I had suffered a fall in the jungle the day before so opted out of this. My daughter did however manage to leave the room at … Continue reading

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Snippets from Sumatra (Part 2)

Overview We landed in Medan and proceeded to the Garuda Plaza Hotel which is a place I would not recommend to anyone to stay in. I understand that North Sumatra is not yet an area where tourism is a priority … Continue reading

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Snippets From Sumatra (Part 1)

I’ve just been fortunate enough to spend eight days touring North Sumatra. No special reason, my daughter was looking for somewhere to go and someone to go with. Sumatra and I luckily managed to fit the bill. Cost effective, diverse … Continue reading

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Rueben’s Rubies

I know that’s a bit of a corny heading, but with the ruby colour these quince turned out it just seemed to fit. It still amazes me how such ordinary fruit can become so beautiful and tasty after cooking. A couple … Continue reading

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Preparing for the onslaught.

Very soon, all of these leaves will hit the ground with no concerns about me wanting to maintain some level of order.Add to this the dropping leaves  from the ‘Faraway Tree’ size Pin Oak in the front yard and we will … Continue reading

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I’m in love with a pig!

Last week when we went to Farmworld at Lardner Park (which is like a big field days mixed with a lifestyle expo) we stumbled across a little unit called an Ozpig. Being passionate about cooking on fire, loving cast iron … Continue reading

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Finally after weeks of waiting, the first ripe Rocoto chillies can be seen in the lower part of the bush. These chillies are a perennial variety that can keep producing for years. I planted a cutting in early spring and … Continue reading

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