In My Kitchen-For the first time in a while!

I was having a look around my kitchen to see if there may be anything of interest to post and realised it is exactly one year since I moved from the temporary kitchen into our new lovely space. I posted about having a new oven installed at the end of July last year. Twelve months on and I can honestly say I am thrilled with my Falcon oven. Not too thrilled though that it threw a door seal the other night, will have to get that sorted pretty quickly. There has not been one moment when I haven’t been thrilled with this oven and its performance. So back to what’s to share In My Kitchen this month. We now have Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings doing the linking up of fellow IMKer’s, thanks Sherry!

Here I have some sourdough croissants that look suspiciously like crumbed chicken. I finely chopped hazelnuts and almonds to sprinkle over the top and it makes them look crumbed. Glazed with a rosewater glaze they were a great success with the kids arguing over who got how many and some whinging that they “always” miss out. The recipe for these completely sourdough croissants is from Shipton Mill, I have made it a few times and it always goes well. I made these smaller as a mini croissants which were cut to about 7cm wide X 15cm long. They should have proofed another couple of hours but it had already been 24hours and I got impatient! Here are definitely the last tomatoes for this season. I picked these from the greenhouse today and to be honest I was quite surprised to see them. Mr ATMT has been working his ‘not quite as young as he used to be’ body out laying brick paving in the area outside the kitchen. These bricks are reclaimed from a local demolition company and look really great. The orange tree we moved is coping really well so far and the overnight temperatures that have been down to -4 haven’t knocked it much at all.  Now to get some fence screen planting in. I think lots of citrus will do very nicely.I love fruit cake but we never have it as I am the only one who eats it. My sister gave me this boiled fruit cake and I am looking forward to working my way through it with my cup of tea each day. My girlfriend brought me back these napkins from her overseas trip. I hope they don’t say anything offensive, feel free to translate for me! I have a new bread knife In My Kitchen, crusty sourdough bread can be a challenge for cutting and I love this Opinel bread knife. I have 2 new books. I bought the Bien Cuit bread book because I love the pictures and it is a nice book to have on the coffee table (which we don’t have!) and the Culinary Adventures  of Marakesh was kindly given to me by a neighbour. I have only started delving into this and I think it will be quite an enjoyable read. Is anyone else familiar with this book? Lastly for this months’s IMK post is a picture of our classic winter Saturday or Sunday wake up snack. A cup of tea with some toasted sourdough, here it is fruit loaf with raspberry jam on one and quince jelly on the other. Bloody lovely! Now off to have a look at the other “In My Kitchen” posts.




28 Replies to “In My Kitchen-For the first time in a while!”

  1. congratulations to Geoff The Brick work looks fabulous, only to be enhanced further by some citrus, which love the protection of a wall and a sunny aspect. Also keen on that bread knife.I noticed before I left that mine was struggling getting through the sourdough. Time to invest. Greetings from Chiang Mai airport Maree.


      1. We are now in Hong Kong for a few days before heading off to Europe. Our few weeks in Asia was to break the back of winter in Melbourne. Hong Kong is one place I barely know, only having spent 3 days here before. Mr T says thanks. He is unchanged by his new age ( 70) and still a youngster in many ways.


  2. I think the napkin says “If you set the table with love, food tastes best” — which doesn’t rhyme in English or sound very clever. Your wake up snack looks tempting since I just woke up!

    best… mae at


    1. Hi Glenda, your cherry tomatoes are going to survive a holocaust I think! We all seem to have lots of things going on, better than sitting in the chair moaning at the world, and there is quite a bit to moan about at the moment! Cheers 🙂


  3. Maree, tickled to see you back “for the first time in awhile.” A lot of LIFE is lived in between posts, as you well know, xo. Your patio looks like a conducive spot to enjoy a cup o’ tea and your sourdough with jam/jelly… or any meal… or just time to relax. (Way to go, Mr. ATMT!) As for fruitcake, I also happen to love it, but hadn’t thought about noshing on it other than during the holidays. Makes me want to whip up a batch now… with the obligatory “steeping” first. 🙂 Such a delight to hear from you again!


    1. Hi lovely Kim! Smooch going on but fortunately it is all very good! You too are busy I see, I think I need to come over and have a sip of something watching the lake. Time out is calling. XXX


  4. Howdy stranger. Temporary kitchens and renovating makes you realise you’re alive! I love fruitcake, am always grateful when I receive one but never bake them. I wonder why? I have a plethora of dried fruit that needs using so you have inspired me to get out the tine handed down from Mr Tiffin’s mum and get baking. xxx


  5. hi Maree
    thanks for joining in this month with the IMK gang. Love the look of your croissants. i bet they are delish. your hubby has gone a great job of the paving. it looks great. yes it is always a struggle to cut home made bread isn’t it? my Global bread knife doesnt really cut the mustard – pun intended. there’s something about love and food in that book title:) Cheers sherry


  6. Am envious on at least two counts – one, those fabulous and delicious looking sourdough croissants and second, your Falcon. I have a Falcon, but it is in the UK while we are here in Greece. I MISS IT! It is a wonderful oven and I am glad you are enjoying yours. Also, the brick patio outside your kitchen looks lovely! Great job, Mr. ATMT.


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