Heading to the outback in the Outback!

Going on a slightly different tangent with this post! I have been on the spring or Term 3 school holiday break for the past 3 weeks and we spent the time travelling to various parts of South-East Australia that I hadn’t been to before and my husband had only seen parts of, many years ago.

A few years ago we invested in an ‘Outback Camper Trailer‘ and we absolutely love it. So far we have only used it for extended weekends and our annual couple of weeks by the surf holiday. This will be the first time we will be setting up and moving on to a new spot every few days so it will be interesting to see how it (and we) goes.

To avoid post overload I’ll  break it down into chunks covering a few days for each port of call.

Day 1-Left Gippsland with Horsham being the first stop for the night before heading onto the Barossa Valley, an historic region in South Australia where many of Australia’s best wines and nowadays some great foods are produced from boutique producers. Our leading lady of promoting using fresh seasonal and locally produced food sources Maggie Beer has played a big part in successfully promoting this region. Maggie is always encouraging us to use fresh, locally sourced produce and was my inspiration in wanting to visit the Barossa Farmers market.

Day 2-5 We don’t have many local farmers markets at home that offer a broad variety of produce and I was keen to see what was on offer at the Barossa Farmers Market. I was a little nervous that there may have been more pretension than quality on offer but I  needn’t have worried. From the moment we entered the old winemaking shed we savoured, oohed and aahed over all sorts of goodies.

IMG_0675 IMG_0686Returned to camp with fresh tomatoes, potatoes, broad beans, dried apricots, honey, fresh milk (non homogenised), supresa salami, beer, sour dough bread, beetroot chutney, spicy beetroot dip, a beautiful balsamic vinegar and enjoyed some lemon gelato and coffee while there. Very nice haul indeed!

We drove through some beautiful old towns full of history and heritage, sampled some lovely wines and got to see some picturesque views along the way. I loved the way all the towns houses and shops were a dedication to the grapevine, vines growing everywhere and trained to cover all different structures.



From here onto the Flinders Ranges.