Shout out for kitchen tips and hints!

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Ok, planning of our kitchen has begun! Not sure when it’s going to actually happen, but it will, so I want to be ready.  I’m looking for tips re good & bad ovens, freestanding vs under bench or wall mounted. Combo vs separate microwave. Steam oven, is it a wank? At this stage I’m looking at 2 normal size under bench ovens beside each other , I really can’t wrap my head around $7-$8000.00 for an oven with reviews no better than a $1000.00 one. Fridges, cooktops and range hoods, energy efficiency, noise levels when operating, knobs and handles etc. With dodgy hands ease of knobs and dials is essential. Any other tips such as cupboards vs drawers, or the second small bar sink I’m considering adding would be greatly appreciated. Sink in island bench vs sink in countertop. Love the sleek look sinks but I reckon you need a pretty decent draining board, especially when a lot of heavy pots get used. 2 drawer dishwasher vs normal dishwasher, it just goes on and on but I think a lot of you have probably wished you’d done things differently and I’d like to know about it.

From what I’ve been researching it certainly doesn’t equate that the more $$$ you spend equals more quality when it comes to white goods. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.