Snippets from Sumatra (Part 3)

We had the opportunity to do a walk up a volcano peak but unfortunately I had suffered a fall in the jungle the day before so opted out of this. My daughter did however manage to leave the room at 4.00 (without waking me I’m pleased to say!) and make her way up the mountain. I felt better that they said there wasn’t much of a sunrise but by the photos they brought back it was still a great experience. Just seeing the volcano from the ground gives a strange sense of the power nature has over all.

Volcano 10156162_1479836102231692_94429971444107605_nIn the afternoon we had the great fortune of going to the hot springs so all the volcano hikers could treat their sore muscles. It was a wonderful therapy for my poor bruised and battered body too. Didn’t want to get out, sitting in this hot water watching the volcano in the skyline was just beautiful.

IMG_3897Our next port of call was the beautiful Tabo Cottages set on Lako Toba. This was a bit of a hidden secret on our itinerary and it went down a treat. This was one of the few places where we could buy a ‘real’ drink but found that fresh juice, local beer and water was quite sufficient. A delightful local village kept me amused (the earlier photos of garden were taken here), with their small shops, gardens, beautiful children and just downright stunning views of the lake.

IMG_4038The local traditional village, notice the strawberries lined up along the edge of the path and wall.IMG_4049The rain was about to set in just as we left. Happy memories of Sumatra.IMG_4072Waved farewell to my daughter who was heading off to Cambodia for another week of adventures. How lucky have I been getting to spend a week with my beautiful daughter and a group of happy, like minded fellow travellers!