Weekend wrap.

While I’ve been busy playing with bread dough and cleaning out cupboards Mr ATMT has been doing some back breaking work to make the front yard look a bit more attractive. A couple of months ago I posted about how we did the initial marking out for the front yard layout and now it has been well and truly locked in! Brick edging set on place around the pathway and toppings added to create a new look completely. There is not a lot we can do because of the big pin oak so we aim to just fill the entire area with low maintenance, bird and bee attracting yet pretty and very tough plants. We are also on the look out for a suitable centre piece or water feature for the centre of the circle . Nothing too fancy or glitzy, just tasteful. Got any recommendations?



Toppings in and partly mulched some of the area that will be planted. No cupids or statues of David allowed as the feature.


Our own little Downton Abbey with a crunchy gravel entry to the front door.


Foccacia take 2.

Last night I posted about the Peter Reinhart foccacia I made and tonight I made up the other half that I had kept in the fridge since yesterday. Tonight’s topping was olives, sliced up stuffed with feta capsicum, garlic, olive oil, sea salt flakes and cheese. Tick to this recipe, so light, silky and easy. I rarely wrap up my own food too highly but this is a winner!


So that’s it for the first weekend wrap of 2015. Back into the office tomorrow, but hopefully I will get things sorted in record time and not have to stay too long.

Peter Reinhart’s foccacia.

Go me!

I took a step outside my comfort zone and had an attempt to make a different bread other than the Chad Robertson basic sourdough loaf. I was feeling reasonably comfortable (not cocky) about managing the starter, proving and bakers percentages etc so I thought it time to branch out. I chose to try Peter Reinhart’s  foccacia. Good choice!  I’m not going to re-invent the wheel and post the recipe here, that’s in his book “Artisan Breads Everyday” along with many others bloggers posting their take on making this bread, just google it! Reinhart’s instructions cover making this over 4 days but I’m not that patient. With the heat and humidity we are experiencing I took a gamble. All I can say is if this bread is best after 4 days it must be amazing as I found it incredible in just 1 day. I made it to serve with pasta but at serving time I left the pasta and ate the bread. That says it all. The following is just a series of shots over the day as the dough progressed. Refer to the recipe if you need more explanation. I was really happy with it! 🙂

Dough out of fridge after a series of stretch and folds. Look OK.

Foccacia dough

Into the oiled pan, first dimples and oiling about to take place.


1st Dimples seem to be going OK, oil is flavoured with chilli, rosemary, garlic, bay and roast capsicum juice.


Second dimpling and oiling is doing just as Peter said it would. See how its filling the pan a bit more.



Ready to start adding the topping I think. Here the chopped parsley, thyme and rosemary and a little more of the flavoured oil.


Then comes the roasted capsicum and a sprinkling of sea salt flakes.


Had to stop and play pick up sticks when I dropped the pasta. Excuse the floor, that’s what comes with renovations! It is actually clean!


Not the best shot but this tasted amazing! HAPPY, happy, happy with how it has evolved.


It’s had some time to settle since dinner, I just had another piece and it’s just getting better. Smug smile on face! 🙂 What food takes you out of your comfort zone?