A very Annabel Christmas Eve!

We were heading around to spend Christmas Eve with friends and I was happy to take some nibblies to share. Most of the food was based on Annabel Langbein’s forever reliable recipes and I added a couple of my own bits and bobs.

The easiest and most tasty pakora you can ever make. I have made these many times now and they never fail to please. Served with minty yoghurt dipping sauce, lovely.


I also made some parmesan and basil dimples from Annabel’s Free Range Cook Book (P20). This was the first time I’ve made one of her bread doughs and this was a beauty! I let it prove overnight and most of the day in the fridge, shaped it into ‘dimples’ and fried. These are basically a savoury donut made with a potato dough. I thought the flavour needed cranking up a bit so I cooked up some pork, fennel and chilli sausages (removed the skins) and scattered the spicy meat over the dimples once cooked. This added a nice extra kick of flavour to the dimples.

Parmesan basil Dimples

I put together a platter consisting of Annabel’s Sunshine Carrot dip (P43 of the Simple Pleasures book), pepper boats but without the anchovy due to the high number of people who either don’t like them or have allergy issues.  I topped the boats with a few goat cheese crumbles. A dip made using freshly picked young beetroot, which I slowly roasted, then mixed with greek yogurt, feta cheese and my middle eastern spice mix to flavour. This was really nice, I should try to remember exactly how I did it and make a note! I made crisps using my sourdough bread and added some freshly picked blanched butter beans, snow peas,  some feta cubes, olives and carrot sticks. Bit of salami and it looked great and tasted wonderful, but that beetroot dip is REALLY pink!

Nibbles platter

The last dish I took was some slow roasted tomatoes that I put on top of some toasted sourdough which I had spread a mixture of ricotta, basil and lemon juice on. A small piece of freshly picked greenery in place and topped with one of the tomatoes made a very christmassy display. The roasting juices were drizzled over the stack and the flavour of that was sensational.

Finger food

A very relaxed Christmas Day spent at our daughters place. All the immediate family and their partners were there. Good food, lots of smiles. What more can you wish for?