Greetings from Bangalore!

Day 3

For some reason “Bangalore” makes me think that it should have been one of the ‘road to’ movies. Maybe it was & I have it embedded somewhere in my head.

We had an interesting flight, delayed due to another connecting flight being late and then one of the late arrival passengers was quite irate that they were travelling as a group but weren’t all seated together. Security called upon, patience from the crew obvious and finally after some heated words he took his seat. Can say I was a little concerned he may have become physical. As we were taking off my next point of concern arose when I witnessed someone throwing small things that exploded onto/near the runway. Turns out there are 50 or so official bird scarers who sit there all day throwing crackers to scare away the birds. Let me tell you, it scares the passengers too!

Into our car and off into the void of noise, toots and traffic that is laughable it is so congested. Heavy levels of pollution and my eyes and nose were reacting accordingly.

Bangalore traffic

The view from our room shows it is hard to determine the horizon.

Tulsoor Lake
Tulsoor Lake

With Geoff ‘s business taking up most of his time it is up to me to entertain myself. I booked a driver and headed off to explore the sights of Bangalore. Unfortunately the ones I wanted to see most, didn’t appeal to my driver as suitable to take me to due to the level of (or lack thereof)  sanitation and hygiene. I will have to take matters in my own hands! Consequently I had a pleasant enough time seeing all the temples, new buildings and developments he was proud to promote.

There was the Bull Temple,

The Bull!
The Bull!

The Temple next to Tipu’s palace,

Temple next to Tipu's palace.
Temple next to Tipu’s palace.

Tipu’s Palace, where I must say if I had been able to understand the guide I would have found it much more interesting! Amazing architecture with original teak timber throughout.

Inside showing amazing teak structure.
Inside showing amazing teak structure.

There was the king’s palace,

And the new parliament building


I found it extremely frustrating, every time I thought I may have a chance of a good shot, a car, bus or tuk tuk got in the way. I was a desperate to get out of the car and walk giving me the chance to shoot what I wanted. People shots such as the basket weavers I saw on one intersection.

Working on busy street corner.
Working on busy street corner.
Basket weavers on busy corner Bangalore
Basket weavers on busy corner BangaloreBaskets.

in the space of about 200 meters were several families making baskets, blinds and assorted bamboo wares from scratch. Thick bamboo stalk hand spliced to smaller and smaller sections until they are just the right size for the purpose. Using hands,  feet and teeth, the skill these people demonstrate is quite wonderful!.