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I’ve added couple of new tools to the kit this month. I would say I’m generally not a gadget fan, but I found my citrus zester was hurting my hands when I held it, so shouted myself to a new one, same brand but with a different shaped grip and grating head. I bought this online from Peters of Kensington and arranged a ‘Pick Up In Store’ as we went to Sydney the following week.  This little item is a bit more fanciful! A cup for making lacy rice paper wraps. When we were in Vietnam many dishes were served in beautiful looking lacy wraps and I haven’t been able to find any here. I tried making them using an old squeeze sauce bottle but it didn’t work.I used this to make wrappers for the Dadar Gulung (Indonesian Pancakes) that are made   by making a rice flour batter and adding green pandan colouring. They are filled with a delicious filling made from coconut, brown sugar and sweet milk. Very delicious even though the colour is something you should only use for St Patrick’s Day cooking. These aren’t mine, I forgot to take a photo but this is pretty close to what they did look like. The batter cup obviously takes a bit of time to master.

In my kitchen was the BEST pork crackle I’ve ever made. I did pulled pork in the slow cooker so removed the skin, scored it and let it sit uncovered in the fridge overnight before rubbing with salt and olive oil than baked in the oven. I then crunched it into smaller pieces and scattered over the pulled pork.

I made soup using my frozen chicken feet stock, red lentils, carrot, onion and served with greek yoghurt. Love the autumn colours! I was fortunate to be gifted some kefir grains by a member of my Facebook Sourdough group.  I’ve started exploring further afield with fermented foods and still have a lot to learn, but we are loving using kefir in many dishes. This is Bothe the water kefir and the milk kefir grains doing their thing.

I have also been making a lot of Labneh which is yoghurt cheese. So easy to make and these are just little balls of Labneh that I have marinating in oil, chilli, garlic and peppercorns. They are great as a spread on bread or crackers or just served  on a platter of other nibbles. My apprentice has been helping too, here are the results of him helping with pancakes made using kefir water. Hard to smile when your mouth is stuffed full! We have been a bit slack with our weekend special breakfasts but this made up for it. Mushrooms cooked with chilli and garlic, poached egg on sourdough and a little chick pea dip on the side. Fresh OJ from oranges picked from our tree,  eaten in front of the fire. One of the loaves I offered in my weekly bread orders was a caramelised onion loaf. I had 7kg worth of onion tops and skins, so turned them into onion stock. Very easy, chuck the lot into a pot, cover with water and cook away until you get this beautiful rich liquid. The scraps then went into the compost, no waste at all!


Probably the nicest thing In My Kitchen this month is this apple danish. I attended the most wonderful day learning about making croissant and danish at The Artisan Crust in Cockatoo and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Every part of the day was sensational! Scott is a highly trained professional that clearly loves what he does and is happy to share his skills openly.
So that’s what’s been In My Kitchen the last month. Thanks to Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings blog who gives us the chance to share all the kitchen loveliness. Head over there to see what others have been up to. Wish Sherry a very happy birthday too while you are there.

15 Replies to “In My Kitchen”

  1. So many good wintery things happening in your kitchen Maree. I cannot live without my microplane- an essential kitchen gadget. Dadar Gulung is also a favourite dessert and I am about to sample mine in Bali, if Mt Agung is in a good mood next week. Homely soups, no waste stocks, grandchildren, and beautiful baking projects- a kitchen full of activity and love.


  2. hi Maree
    thanks for joining us this month at IMK. and thanks for the birthday mention. i have had a splendid one. i have a microplaner too for zesting. they are so useful and work so well. that’s funny – i was just thinking of making some labneh this week.. great minds … Love the roti jala, and what about the green colouring? looks very irish:) cheers sherry x


  3. It makes me so happy to read your IMK posts and see the care you give to food. I love that we are part of a communuty that shares values and ideas. And that I’m not the only person who does things long-handed aka the old fashioned way. I had thought labneh balls too fiddly but seeing yours has given them fresh appeal. And next time I slow cook pork, I’ll keep the rind aside… your crackling looks fabulous.


    1. The balls are so easy! I tend to make quite a dry labneh for them and use a light oil. The left over oil from empty jar was used in the fried rice tonight. I’ll send you dates we will be in the area soon and would love to meet up!

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  4. i am a closet vegetarian, married to a confirmed carnivore – but bring out pork crackling and my fangs come out! I love labneh and good yogurt and kefir – i’m intrigued by water kefir and want to try making that. but – Danish pastries send me over the top. a friend of mine has just returned from a visit to Denmark and could find no evidence of pastries – only cinnamon rolls – :I


    1. So Danish pastries are a myth eh? We eat very little meat but when we do I want to REALLY want to enjoy it. Labneh has become a staple here, so easy and delicious. Still need to learn more about kefir.


  5. Ok, one of the best things about this post is the one phrase: “Fresh OJ from oranges picked from our tree, eaten in front of the fire.” This seems so idyllic. Love the idea of turning all those onion skins and tops into stock. Very frugal!!! I am rather suspicious of that violent green in the Indonesian pancake, but that apple danish is a work of art.


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