Exteno Update-In My Kitchen

It has been an amazing journey, sharing the transformation from having no kitchen, progressing through to a lovely kitchen, through to having 2 kitchens (my bakehouse), works in progress on the exteno (never-ending)  since my first In My Kitchen post  a few years ago, (read it and weep or laugh)! I don’t get a lot  of time to do regular posts now, you know, I’m retired “too busy watching day time TV and napping”!  This month for IMK I thought I’d bring you up to speed, don’t expect display home glitz, that’s not our style.  Thanks to Sherry over at Sherry’s pickings for linking all us IMK’rs up.

So IMK news.

Well the kitchen is not finished! Surprise surprise! This is my version of the ideal  display home, flour tubs out, wine bottle open, 5kg of corn for milling in bag on bench, oh and Celia, the 2018 jar of peanut butter I bought today. We can have a race!

Not a lot to do, tiling behind the beautiful Falcon oven, fixing the range hood to the wall, a couple of timber display benches and not much else. Lighting bright as its nighttime, not so harsh with subtlety added.

The ‘family room’ end of the kitchen, or the dining area,  is finally getting the lick of paint on the doors and windows, and floor and take and probably light fittings!

The first thing I set for myself as a goal to do when I retired (my term is “re-directed”), would be to paint the windows and doors that were part of the exteno (its off the kitchen). How long has it been? 18 months, that’s not too bad is it? I finally painted the windows in the back ‘vestibule’ (I don’t like saying back passage!). The door at the front of pic is one from the original house that is still on the to-do list. I’m having trouble rating with the gold……

There s a tub of end of season tomatoes in my storeroom. Did you know if you pick them green and put them in a dark place they will slowly ripen over several weeks?

Because I am a wannabe croissant perfection tragic, I just had to buy this locally, hand turned Blackwood French rolling-pin to ensure I mastered the lamination technique. Didn’t help, but it will next time! I have to say that I have been having a lot of fun playing with different grains, rye, corn, barley and wheat. I can really see a new grain mill being added soon. These are a couple of rye loaves made entirely from rye, water and a smidge of salt. Took about 10-11 days to make. The leaven starter was made from fermenting rye grain, then using the fermented water to make the the starter, which was built up by regular feedings and then the dough was made. Amazingly tasty, overtones of all things chocolate, but I got beer…..

 I have started a test bake which has fermented polenta, freshly milled corn flour and whole wheat in it. I have been so inspired by a lovely baker in the USA, she just blows my mind with her combos, her down to earth approach and willingness to share. Nicole used to run the Blackbird  Bakehouse until recently but is now visible through Instagram as @nmuvu She is so very creative, generous and quirky . I am constantly inspired by her creations that take me out of my comfort zone. This is my freshly milled cornflour that hopefully I will be able to present as a stunning looking, golden loaf in 24 or so hours. There is also polenta fermenting  away which will be added to the dough as well.

 And for the money shot! This is our little almost 8 month old grandson. Loves his tucker just like his big brother. We never take for granted how fortunate we are to have these little tackers in our lives, more precious than gold!

18 Replies to “Exteno Update-In My Kitchen”

  1. That’s a beautiful new kitchen! Are those counter-height stools from Ikea? I think they are the same as mine, and I also saw them on one of those British crime shows that furnishes the detectives’ houses from Ikea!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com


    1. Hi Mae, we are like an Ikea showroom, the whole kitchen is Ikea apart from the bench tops. They were made from old timber taken out when we removed some old walls.


  2. I feel very much at home in your kitchen! It has a lovely relaxed, so many interesting things to look at, chat about feel, and is painted a similar yellow to mine.
    I like ‘re-directed’ rather than ‘retired’. You are doing amazing things with bread, flours and fermenting. As well as the jobs list thst never seems to end, and takes time to get to. But often the time that transpires leads to food for thought and a better end result.
    Your money shot is a cutie ♡


  3. gorgeous grandson. love the black and white tiling on your floor. and the kitchen looks lovely too. i know what you mean about being retired- always something to do. busy busy…and that rolling pin is a beauty. thanks for joining in. cheers sherry


  4. I love your kitchen – ready or not. It is such a sociable looking place. We are moving to a much smaller house, but i will be able to get my big old dresser out of storage and i’m so looking forward to that plus the garden is lovely with great soil. Your bread making is so interesting and i love, especially, “the money shot” – what a sweet little chap.


  5. Your kitchen is looking lovely and those breads look amazing…my jaw dropped when I saw them! I need to work out how to bake a good rye loaf, one of the breads I most miss from growing up in the States. Your grandson is adorable!


  6. Love the reno exteno, love that you call it a vestibule and not your back passage, love the bread and of course, love the cutester. You have scored two beautiful little eaters- I wonder why? They must all love coming to your place. And when it comes to finishing things, isn’t it the journey that counts? Nice post Maree.


    1. If only you knew the stories of my mum inappropriately referring to her front and back passages! The kids are foodies through and through and jobs that get tackled now are the ones that get to the stage of “I can’t stand it any longer”. This has actually been a pretty good exercise for getting a few things done. Too busy just enjoying so many other things these days. 🙂

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