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I’ve been doing all sorts of things over the last month. We had a couple of weeks camping at Depot Beach on the South Eastern NSW coast and when the rain persisted just a bit too much to maintain comfort, we headed inland to explore our Nation’s Capital, Canberra for a couple of days. We’ve had Easter and mixed in to all of that an obvious change of seasons leading to some very necessary jobs in the vegetable garden (I’ll be doing a separate post about those after this). A big thank you to Sherry from over at Sherry’s Pickings for linking bloggers who are happy to share what’s going on in their kitchens each month. So first up I’ll let you have a peek at our holiday/camping kitchen, some of which is what we ate along the way.

We both love pies, it’s always a necessity to check out bakeries at towns as we pass through to see the calibre of their pies. This heritage bakery in Milton was great to see for the historic building but that’s about where it stopped. One interesting thing was that this is totally cashless. I don’t have a problem at all with this concept but gee it slows down the service lever when the staff spend so much time explaining to the many customers who did seem to challenge their reasons. It also added to confusion when the EFTPOS  system wasn’t working. As I said, nice building!

At the opposite end of the spectrum we bought a pie at Poppy’s on Wallace at Braidwood. These would have to be the best pies we’ve ever bought. Mr ATMT said he never wanted to eat another pie again unless it was as good as this one.  Sorry, the pic was purely a grab as we ate walking down the street.

Back at camp we all know how much I still need to bake while on away and I played around with a new technique for baking our bread. I guessed that the camp oven fitted nicely into the top of our Ozpig and it worked really well.

The first loaf hit the top of the camp oven so I improvised and used a saucepan as a lid for the second loaf. Worked a treat! Before we headed off to Canberra I used up all the last bits and pieces to make a lovely camp stew. Left over roast lamb, bacon, vegetables, tomatoes, red wine and of course sourdough for soaking up the juice. While in Canberra we went to the massive farmers market at the racecourse on Saturday. What a wonderful market! Silly for us to buy fresh produce, so I had to make do with these delicious bombolini (doughnuts).  Don’t ask how many I managed to taste test! I also picked up a couple of souvenirs of freshly milled flour. This year I want to explore and understand more about grains and whole-wheat. These are a starting point. Then we came home to Easter! Roughly 16 dozen sourdough hot cross buns churned out in one bake. Might go away for Easter next year! Our daughter limits how much sugar the little fella gets, so we had a go at making some dyed Easter Eggs. I was really happy with the brightness of these. Simply a matter of boiling the eggs and rolling them around to crack the shells a little then they soaked in water with food colouring. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours and hey presto! These went into our picnic lunch on Easter Sunday.   I bought myself a little treat at the War Memorial in Canberra as I couldn’t resist the beautiful poppy design.  lovely china mug with infuser and what I think is beautiful artwork of my favourite flower, the poppy.What’s been going on in your kitchen? Pop over to Sherry’s and add a story for us to have a peek at.

About fergie51

Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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19 Responses to In My Kitchen-At Home & Camping

  1. mae says:

    All your camp-ground cuisine is amazing. Baking bread over a fire is so neat, and the stew looks delicious. I spent a week or so in Canberra on two visits to Australia years ago, but didn’t find an open market. I loved the Botanical Garden, though.

    best… mae at


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi Mae, there were a couple of markets to choose from so we opted for the Saturday one and wasn’t disappointed. Didn’t make the gardens sadly, that will have to go on the list for a return visit. I could do the War Memorial every day and not tire of it. Cheers.


  2. Glenda says:

    Geez Maree, that is a lot of hot cross buns. I thought I went overboard with 24.


  3. Travelling and trying out bakery offerings is something we love as well. We’ve also encountered such cashless establishments… I really love the convenience of my cards, and use them frequently! But I have to call BS on cashless establishments, there is something very Aussie about being able to exchange a few coins for a warm pie, although in many places these days, it takes a $5 note plus a few coins.
    Lots of me too’s reading this post. I love making & eating leftover camp stew. The G.O. would love one of those pigs… it’s on the list! I love the Braidwood-Canberra region, and echo the frustation of travelling and not being able to buy everything at a good market. And, the markets we have been to in that region have been fabulous. Lastly, me too for the Bombolini & flour ♡


    • fergie51 says:

      Lots of ‘me too’ coming back at you! We love our pig, bought it when they were first out and I see there are a few knock offs available now. Must admit price has hiked quite a bit since we bought ours for $250.00. God those bombolini were good, all 4 of them!


  4. so many fab things here maree. Your loaf looks absolutely beautiful. so round so perfect. i love that farmers’ market in canberra too. i am so drooling over those doughnuts. they look scrumptious. and i really love the war memorial in canberra. it is always worth a look. i have a couple of their poppy teacups and saucers. so wonderful, and memorable. the coloured eggs are pretty and how about those buns!:) thanks for joining in. cheers sherry x


  5. Clever you making sourdough on your camp stove. And those pies sound delicious. We really mostly see sweet fruit pies here in the US. Beautiful poppy mug, one of my favorite flowers as well.


  6. Laura says:

    That camp oven bread looks sensational. We do a bit of camping but I haven’t succumbed to the camp oven purchase yet….that bread could be getting me over the line.
    I actually live in Canberra so I’m going to go check out that freshly milled flour. I’ve been intrigued on using it in sourdough baking after reading Michael Pollan’s Cooked.
    Just found your blog through the ‘in my kitchen’ links so am looking forward to having a good look around.


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi Laura, I’ve done some comparative testing on 3 different organic, stoneground wholewheat flours including the one from The Granary and it stacked up really well. How lucky are you to have such great Farmers Markets to go to? I was green with envy! Then I was little green from eating 4 delicious bombolini, a pain au chocolat, then an onion bagel from Breadnerds. I never do that sort of thing! Cheers, Maree 🙂


  7. jrrose80 says:

    Holidaying in my neck of the woods…I’ve not tried the Milton Bakery or Poppy’s in Braidwood (which is certainly going on my list of places to try now). We love Hayden’s Pies in Ulladulla…my favorite is the honey roasted pumpkin and feta pie (vegetarian but wowsers! unlike any other pie I’ve had). We just sold 120 bombolini at the cake stall at our school fete last weekend. I managed to only indulge in one – the blueberry cheesecake. They’re pretty special. Your hot cross buns and your dyed Easter eggs look incredible!


    • fergie51 says:

      Lucky you! Loved Braidwood, some really interesting shops and historical buildings and a terrific op shop! Three bakeries plus Honor Sourdough bread sold at the organic food store but Poppies had the best pies!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Egg salad made with dyed Easter eggs (ones like your picture) is great fun…all colored from the eggs.


  9. lesleyconnor says:

    Loved your post. The bakery at Braidwood has always been a regular stop for us as we travel between Canberra and the coast. Remember when it was just a tiny old style cake shop


  10. Kim Bultman says:

    Maree, your camp cooking is simply amazing! (The ONE time I’ve ever been camping, I made hot dogs and beans for dinner…) Your grandson is adorable “studying” the dye and the colorful eggs that resulted look like mosaic jewels! I have a penchant for poppies, too — have a picture of one on my office wall — I’ll think of YOU every time I look at it from now on. 🙂 xo


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