Zero waste wayside stops.

Today as I was sewing the handle back on this bag, I thought it might be nice to share how we are always ready and able to stop and have a cuppa anywhere we feel like it. Well, anywhere when we are on the road driving, can’t say this would be ideal on a tram or a bus! Zero waste,  always at the ready for road trips. We keep this little bag (that was a token gift to Mr ATMT at some function) packed with a little butane gas stove, a windshield for the stove, a billy, tea, sugar, a set of cutlery, plates, scissors, a first aid kit, sunscreen, a wine bottle full of water and a small bottle that we fill with milk and wrap in a chill pack before leaving. The mugs were being washed when I took this but we do pack those too. There is also a very old plastic bag we first got in Tassie about 5 years ago incase we need it for some reason. Sometimes we will add a nibble or two such as nuts, dried fruit, lollies or bickies as well.We usually find it easy to refill the water bottle along the way as well as rinsing out the cups ready for the next stop. The bag has a compartment at the bottom which has two little folding stools stowed inside it so we don’t even need a table and chairs available for our refreshment stops.The whole bag is quite compact and we leave it in the boot just making sure we have fresh water and milk packed before we leave home.It really doesn’t take much to think a little bit ahead to avoid visiting those horrible service centres that rob you of seeing the landscape and usually make you leave loaded up with waste.

PS. I should have taken the needle out from my mending job before trying to zip it up. Did a nice slice through my thumb which added a few decorations to the bag!

What do you do to minimise waste and to make your road trips enjoyable?

5 Replies to “Zero waste wayside stops.”

  1. Well, this is food for thought! Although butane burners scare me as we once had one explode during a power outage here in the early days. Depending on the trip we travel variously with cold water, coke for the driver [not me], a thermos of tea, snacks -usually nuts, chips & chocolate, dog food. Often we take breakfast, or stop at a favoured cafe, never those soulless service centres. We got into the habit when we were commuting from Sydney to here on public holiday weekends, to cater for ourselves and for traffic delays. We have keep cups, spare thongs, hats, pashmina and in summer a bag of swimmers, towels, spare clothes in the ute. Since going to Tafe my car has become a mobile wardrobe. Like you, and scouts we are prepared!


    1. I loathe those ‘service centres’, ironic that you can’t actually get service in them! I got sick of thermos’s not working so we opted for this option and much prefer it. Hopefully these new ‘whizz bang’ explosion safe butane cylinders live up to their claims. I had several people sending me messages of panic when the butane gas camping stoves were banned for a period when we didn’t have a kitchen, would have been screwed if I’d given it up. Pay a bit extra for the so called safe cans and so far so good. Tis a scary thought though. 🙂


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