New FB Sourdough Support Page.

Just putting it out there that I have started a Facebook Closed Group for anyone wanting to learn, share and chat about sourdough bread and other sourdough baked goods. I find that the big overseas groups are brilliant but it is difficult when ingredients and equipment they discuss are not available locally. Seasons and use of fahrenheit too is also a challenge, we are always arse about (or they are).

So anyway, I plan to try to post some weekly tips for anyone starting out, put some links for really good reliable information and have people share their baking results and ask questions. Although target audience is Australia and New Zealand, others are welcome to request to join. So, if you know of anyone who may be interested in learning more or sharing knowledge please pass on my link.


Facebook group is Sourdough Baking Australia and New Zealand, link is

bestThanks, Maree.

8 Replies to “New FB Sourdough Support Page.”

    1. I haven’t got a lot of pics there, most places I go to the LT does not look like its worth ordering! I do adore a good one and they are so hard to find so I’d love to get some pointers. 🙂

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    1. My favourite shop in Gippsland Sue! We bought our oven there and they are just sensational. Would love to hear how the day goes, I’m thinking of doing some classes here in the near future. Would love to know about your day, do a ‘join the group’ and post some pics! 🙂


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