In My Kitchen December.

Well the month started with a landmark birthday for me so to celebrate we headed to Echuca on the Murray River to take charge of a houseboat for 7 nights. Myself, Mr ATMT, my 3 sisters, brother-in-law, our 2 closest friends and our 2 sons (interchanged throughout the week) spent some lovely hours doing absolutely nothing apart from eating, swimming, drinking, dozing and playing games. Unfortunately our daughter couldn’t make it as they were in Hawaii and were delayed getting back.

Brittania on The MurraySunset starting to roll in.img_3539 Most nights we just ate, played games, had a few drinks and did lots of laughing while the cockies squawked loudly around us.img_1243

In My Houseboat Kitchen.

We ate like kings! Unfortunately I seem to have waylaid a few photos but I can share the Finnish Flaxseed Sourdough load that was made from the recipe Francesca over at Almost Italian had posted, this loaf was delicious and I have been requested to make more and more and more. The recipe was spot on which always makes me happy!

Finnish Flaxseed Sourdough

I had packed some basic supplies and ran a mini ‘how to’ session for making sourdough. The house boat had a gas oven that wasn’t all that good at keeping in the heat so it needed some assistance. You do what you have to do!oven-doorThe loaf actually turned out pretty well considering, but I have had a bit of experience cooking in a dodgy or even without an oven.bread-on-boatWe had a butterflied lamb leg that my sisters purchased at the sensational butcher in Yae. The meat from there was some the best I’ve had in a very long time, roast BBQ’d lamb, lovely fresh asparagus and salad and we were happy campers on a boat.

roast-on-houseboatI was blown away by this lemon & ginger cheesecake that my niece made and was brought along by my sister as a surprise birthday celebration. It was delicious and I kept sneaking a piece every day when no one was around.img_0131-001 I took a batch of Glenda’s orange muffins as these have become somewhat addictive for us. I had made and frozen them to take, they really last the distance very well. Not sure what made me place it on the BBQ to take a picture of, but here it is, looking back at the Murray River before it gets gobbled up.img_0184-001 Before we left I made a batch of sourdough croissants with the intention of taking them with us.img_1161They didn’t make it away and they were delicious!Sourdough croissants Finally In My Kitchen back at home was the making of the Christmas pudding. As is tradition at our place, whoever is around has to have a stir for luck. Look who I found! I’m loving having our grandson around, you turn into complete idiots entertaining him and I love every minute of it!

Pudding stirring
Pudding stirring

Thanks to Liz over at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things who takes the time to link us all together for these peeks into what goes on in other kitchens.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season. I’m pretty excited about having a kitchen to entertain and cook in this year! 🙂 


34 Replies to “In My Kitchen December.”

    1. Thank you! I forgot to mention the great company we had! I have had major issues with photos so after 3 nights of struggling I just had to settle on these few. Hope to do a more detailed account soon. 🙂


  1. Thanks for the shout out regarding the Finnish Sourdough loaf. I am so pleased you and your gang liked it. It is my favourite loaf. {Must mention that the flax seeds must be those dark brown ones. You had the right ones in your beautiful looking loaf. A month ago, I saw this big organic packet of flax at Costco. They are a pale colour and seem to disappear into the bread. Now stuck with a whole kilo.}.
    Happy Birthday Maree. what a great week it must have been and you were so well prepared. When I saw that pic of the oven door, I immediately thought of your Sunbeam Toy Oven, which I am surprised you didn’t pack her up and take her along with you.
    I love the shot of your grandson, he is growing fast, and great to see him in a proper little woolen cardigan,

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    1. So you braved Costco? I always have that seed on hand for my grain blend. Kilo won’t take long to disappear! Charlie has grown so quickly when I look at that pic, he is starting to toddle around and has the best laugh and already a wicked sense of humour!


      1. ah just like his Nanna, grandma, baboushka. I braved Costco with my daughter- it’s the only chance I get to talk to her, on the way there and back..and have her total attention in the car.


  2. Happy Birthday, old man Murray is one of my favourite spots on earth. Pleased to see you ate well on the houseboat, but then you never let the facilities hold you back. Gorgeous little man…


  3. Love that photo of how you kept the temp oven closed. Staying in rental vacation places can be such an adventure and baking in a rental kitchen seems really brave!

    best… mae at


    1. Thank you, had a great birthday! I love that the wooden spoon we use to stir the pud is the one Mr ATMT’s grandmother had. It’s black from all her jam making and the spoon part has worn down from all the stirring.

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      1. I recently read a festive gift giving article by a well known chef and he indicated a preference for silicone spatulas over wooden spoons stating if you run boiling water over wooden spoons they stink… I tested that -of course- and that wooden spoon had no odour at all! I have 3 silicone spatulas but I would never give up my wooden spoons. Oh how I wish I had my grandmother’s, and her timber chopping board.


      2. I love it. The other thing I grabbed was her old wooden tings she used getting clothes out of the copper. It was in the tip pile and I refused to see them go. Worn so smooth and she was a really gentle soul so I find them comforting. Love that I can bring these things out now from there dark boxes!


  4. I’ve never been on a houseboat, it looks great fun. Your bread certainly looks delicious and the sourdough croissants have me intrigued. Happy birthday celebrations belatedly!


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