Catch up post. Kombucha among other things.

Well it was time to do the taste test! My first batch of kombucha had been bottled for a second fermentation which I had read creates better carbonation, 2 bottles with some ginger added and 1 plain.

KombuchaI had read that kombucha can be pretty explosive on opening, so I decided to do this outside. Good decision!img_9281This is the trail of exploded KB over the side path. Haven’t seen something like that since the kids were home and had partied hard! I probably should have taken heed of the people who recommend refrigerating the bottles before opening. I’ll take that on board for the next batch.kombuchaThis what remained in the bottle after the explosive opening.Ginger kombuchaI can say though, I loved the flavour. The slight ginger overtones were wonderful and it was bubbly and refreshing.

For a wander through the patch.

It feels like an eon since I’ve played in my veggie patch, probably because it is. We are opening again for the food gardens section of Gardivalia this year so I had better pull my finger out and get things in order.

AsparagusThere are signs of life coming from the asparagus bed,Crimson broad beansthe crimson broad beans my brother-in-law gave me look so pretty,Broad beansand the normal ones are in flower too.coriander growingWhen I was sorting out moving stuff from the temporary kitchen to the new kitchen I threw some old coriander seed into this bed and hopefully it will keep growing. I don’t have much luck with coriander so fingers crossed.De la mal maison roseThe souvenir de la mal maison climbing rose I planted last year near the green house is in bud. I can’t wait to see these bloom, one of my favourites.leaf mold compostI spread one of the  leaf mold towers we had breaking down for the last 12 months over this bed, I now need to choose a spot for the next one to be placed. So easy just removing the wire and spreading the lush conditioner over the bed.


I’m finally getting a handle on how the new oven operates and made some oat porridge bread. Here is the oats cooking (on a real stove top!) waiting to cool to add to the dough.Oat porridge breadThis one of the 3 loaves I made. I used the recipe from the delightful Maurizio’s site and although once again, it’s not as pretty as his. I’m quite happy with the result. Oat Porridge sourdough breadCrumb shot! Not as fine as Maurizio’s but I didn’t mind.Crumb shot oat porridge sourdough.With spring in the air and me officially finishing work I hope to be able to get a bit more in control and do some finishing off of all our half started jobs.

16 Replies to “Catch up post. Kombucha among other things.”

  1. Oh that’s funny about the kombucha. I’ve never done a second ferment for more than two days and I tend to burp it so I haven’t had that happen.
    Hopefully I won’t be too tired on the 23rd so I can come and see your garden (I’ve got the Poowong pickers Festival on the 22nd and a presentation at Koo Wee Rup).
    Good luck ticking off your to-do list.


    1. Love that title, “Poowong Pickers”. Conjures up all sorts of scenarios. I’ve read about burping the brew, just didn’t get around to it. Would love it if you managed to get to our open day, but I know what it’s like when so much is happening at the one time.

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  2. The Kombucha looks a bit like beer, amd I imagine it has a slight alcholic content too, being fermented. The oat bread looks great. We are slowly making our way home, although still on the west coast but enjoy disucssing our plans for home & garden on the drives inbetwee , vege garden & bread being just a couple, so I love seeing what you’re doing. Congratulations on retirement, unlike us, try to ignore the “tire” part, and take it a bit easy ☺


    1. I’m led to believe the alcohol content is minimal. Not that that would bother me! Do you find once your headed for home you get itchy feet and want to just be there? I’m a bit like a horse in a race once I’m on the home stretch.

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      1. We haven’t got itchy feet yet, still enjoying the roadtrip and chatting about what we’ll do at home, but not inclined to linger too long here in south of WA… the nights are very cold and better revisited during early Autumn at a future time.
        We’ll see how we feel in SA and might pause to enjoy some highlights. Unsure about our route in Victoria, depends on timing with my sister.
        But we’ve still got weeks on the road ☆


    1. Hi Glenda, at this stage I’m avoiding using the “RET” word, going with redirecting. Just couldn’t stand it any longer so decided to pull the plug. I’ll be doing some mentoring work for a while until I get my head in sync with it all. Very excited about being empowered and taking control though! Cheers.


  3. Your oat loaf looks delicious (as does the explosive kombucha!). Lovely to see the garden coming to life again isn’t it! When it stops raining so heavily here, I’m dying to get out and give mine a bit of attention.


    1. Hi Lisa, raining non stop here too but I’m pleased for the farmers (those who are not getting flooded), good spring rains are so important to them. The oat loaves were delicious, thanks.


  4. It’s funny, sometimes my kombucha is super explosive, sometimes it’s flat. I haven’t yet worked out why.
    Bread sounds lovely. I wish I could get as good a shape as yours. Mine are always too flat, but taste good all the same.


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