Making do in the kitchen! Hot air balloon flight-Tick!

I have not been that motivated to do much since we returned from our holiday in the balmy summer warmth of the Mediterranean. I’d never understood why people head to warmer parts over winter, but I can now see why.  One bright and sunny thing we have going on is that our oranges are ready for picking to give us a daily serve of juice. These oranges are sweet but with a degree of tartness which I like to give you a bit of a zing.IMG_8488With the imminent move into the new kitchen, I’ve been trying to avoid shopping for much, as we will soon have to move everything from the makeshift kitchen to the new kitchen (never thought it would happen!). This means the fridge and freezer will need to be cleaned out and defrosted and all pantry items sorted through and some culled. So there has been a few “make do” meals happening rather than throwing things out. Breakfast today was sourdough pancakes with maple syrup, lemon and sugar, fresh juice and a lovely cup of tea. Didn’t use much in the way of pantry surplus, but it did mean I could use the sourdough starter that would normally be discarded. These pancakes are always so light. To make the batter I use approximately 1 cup 100% sourdough (SD) starter, about 3/4 cup of SR flour, a generous tablespoon of sugar, one egg and enough milk to mix to whatever consistency you prefer.IMG_8491Our first breakfast in the almost finished new family room. The pancakes look a little wonky but were fine.IMG_8493As I work through using (or chucking) anything in the freezer that should go, I’ve found that the ‘toy oven’ put on a very low setting is a great place to start the defrosting process. The item then goes back into the fridge to avoid contamination as it completes the defrosting process. I have some lamb chops defrosting on the top of the oven here. I also ran out of my normal bread flour so I am using up whatever is to hand. This Italian flour was used to make a loaf scored to resemble a sunflower about to open.IMG_8480It is quite pretty, not necessarily like a sunflower, but pretty. Sunflower loafThe chops were grilled with a pomegranate molasses glaze. I served them with leftovers of a dish I made earlier in the week. Stuffed eggplant (vegetarian), a red pepper burgul salad and some obligatory mash. Sadly the chops were as tough as old boots! The rest however was  delicious.IMG_8495 It is that time of year where we are inundated with oak tree leaves falling. This is one of the collection points from last year where we had added manure, grass clippings and other organic ‘stuff’ throughout the year. What is in the barrow is the result, beautiful black, crumbly compost. I emptied this bin and re-assembled it for collection of this years leaves. Once it stops raining I can start re-filling it. I do run the mower over the leaves to  hasten breaking down.IMG_8478

Holiday snaps – Hot Air Balloon flight, Goreme Cappadocia.

I had thought that on our return I would be very organised and would carefully put together a series of posts in correct sequence of our journey across Greece & Turkey but I just haven’t, so I’m randomly putting up a few shots. These are a few of our hot air balloon flight across Goreme Cappadocia. It took quite a lot of self-help to get me onboard and I am thrilled that I did. Being among 90 hot air balloons up in the air at the same time was amazing. I was fine once I had clipped the safety harness on, which alleviated my fear of jumping out. Over at Almost Italian, Francesca has just posted about preferring to look up rather than down. I know we’ve touched on heights before but I am so pleased (and chuffed with myself) that I overcame the doubt and fear.

IMG_2649Sunrise in the sky at 4000 feet.IMG_7283Capadoccia hot air balloon IMG_7212 IMG_7225 IMG_7242 Landing. These guys actually pull you in and ‘park’ the basket on the back of the trailer. Skill levels and brawn that would astound you!IMG_7294I think I took about 400 photos during this flight. It is still too amazing for me to sort inside my head to work through which ones are special and why.

I may still get to doing a series of better constructed posts, I hope so for my own sake.

11 Replies to “Making do in the kitchen! Hot air balloon flight-Tick!”

  1. Up, up and away. What beautiful balloon shots, love them all and was wondering,when reading the post, if I could do it and what kind of self help I would need. The view, the light, the other balloons- all looks so amazing.
    Suffering from the’ back in Oz, with no one to make my bed, dinner, clean for me syndrome’? The orange juice and sourdough pancakes make up for the winter blues. I spy a little high chair in your new dining room. The little one is in for some great Nanna treats. Happy fridge clearing- its good to have a big chick out, the chooks will love you for it. And thanks for the link up to my vertigo too. F


    1. LOL! Yes, the ‘syndrome’ is well and truly afloat! So much so I’ve decided to quit work, life is too short to not enjoy what you get out of bed for every day. Yes, you do spy a little high chair. I kept this when we sold our Fish Creek Property thinking it might come in handy one day. Little Charlie is just sitting up now so it will come in for some good use. I’ve already had him banging a wooden spoon around, he loves it. It was quite interesting (from my perspective) managing my decision to float above the landscape. I must say I’m quite proud of myself and I didn’t murder anyone else in the process. It was worth every emotional breath I took and the 2 sleepless nights (1st day was cancelled due to windy weather) in the lead up and the god awful photos Geoff took of me looking like hell when we boarded. Piece of piss really! 🙂

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  2. Looking forward to seeing photos of the new kitchen. I for one would enjoy seeing more photos of your trip and good for you for overcoming your fear of heights, I’m not sure I could have.


    1. Hi Jan, stay tuned for kitchen pics! I’m slowly putting together some thoughts on which holiday pics to post. Too many and I get waylaid remembering the experience. I don’t really have a fear of heights but I have a tendency to want to jump out or off from anything high. We had a rather nasty episode in a cable car once, so I am always worried about repeating my nonsense. I knew that if I decided to follow through with the ride, I would just have to get on with it and not hamper others experiences, so I gave myself a good tongue lashing which I’m thankful worked. Once I was harnessed I was fine! Worst part was it was cancelled first day so I had to repeat the process the next day. It is the most beautiful country, I felt like we were in a fairy story.


  3. I can relate… my roadtrip blog posts -past and current- have not flowed… real life in all its guises is all-consuming. I like your mix on now and then. It fits with my current status of both being wonderfully on the road and having many things to look forward to at home at the end of the road.
    I gave my Polly-daughter-of-Priscilla starter to the G.O.’s cousin [myrivercottage on Instagram] and she is baking beautifully & prolifically and posting the pics so I’m enjoying vicariously. I saved a dehydrated batch so am looking forward to broadening my repertoire… those pancakes look amazing.
    Before we set off we ate some interesting meals using up the freezer stash but it’s so good to fastrack getting food on the table.
    Your hot air balloon pics reminded me to look out for this as we travel. I did and love it- just a single balloon- but the G.O. hasn’t, and with 90 other balloons looks amazing 😊


    1. Oh I hope you are enjoying your journey! I will have to check out the Instagram page, can never look at too much bread. The pancakes are a staple these days, for some reason when you include starter they are exceptionally light. I cannot come up with a good description of the balloon ride, so many emotions wrapped into one experience, beautiful, calm, amazing, challenging, stunning, serene, etc etc. So pleased my little “chat” with myself got me through. 🙂


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