Sourdough sharing, garden and exteno update.

It has been great to be able to share some sourdough loaves with our friends at their social gatherings over the last couple of weekends. Home-made bread always seems to go down so well!

After being away for 5 weeks, it took a couple of days to re-invigorate Phoenicia (my pet name for my starter) into action by feeding her twice a day, she was back in form and rearing to go after 3 days. Good sourdough culture is pretty resilient and strong and can easily be revived after quite a long time if it has been kept refrigerated. IMG_8423-002With this dough made of 80% bread flour and 20% rye flour, I made an assortment of loaves to share and 2 loaves for ourselves.IMG_8433 I have quite a few people ask how I manage to bake the bread in a barbecue. It has taken quite a bit of experimenting but I seem to be coming up with some fairly consistent loaves these days. This cold weather does mean a lot of watching as there is a massive amount of heat loss in the barbecue. It then leads to over-tweaking which can lead to easily burning. It is usually only baguette style loaves I do in the barbecue as they just won’t fit in the ‘toy oven’.

I shape the loaves and prove them on a couche (heavy linen cloth but you can use a T-towel) until about 30 minutes before baking. Barbecue is then turned on, I light the two outside burners on medium and the 2 centre burners on low. I have a large floor tile over the hot plate and grill rack to diffuse the heat and an old cast iron pan with hot rocks in it which will be used as a steam injector when baking. These 2 loaves are ready to be slashed/scored and baked.

IMG_8442 They then go into the barbecue on a little rack to lift off the really hot base and I pour about a cup of water over the hot rocks to create steam then close the lid. The 2 middle burners are now turned off, just the 2 outside ones remain on. These 2 loaves were cooked for 8 minutes then turned and the outside burners turned to low, then cooked for a further 15 minutes.IMG_8444This is the Sunbeam barbecue I use, it’s been a great workhorse for about 10 years.IMG_8443 Finished loaves included, an olive, chilli and cheese loaf, a rosemary baguette which I sprinkled sea salt on top of mimicking Carol Fields’s ‘panmarino‘ yeasted loaf which I baked last year. 2 plain baguettes and 2 crusty 900g loaves. This is the basket of goodies ready to take to a party.IMG_8450Things obviously didn’t stop growing while we were away! This is my garlic bed which has had self-sown poppies decide to take up residence. I thought I eliminated these last year but obviously not.IMG_8418-002 Now that’s more like it!IMG_8421I found a couple of giant celeriac which I’m yet to cook. I hope they aren’t too woody, they may end up frozen and used as stock flavouring if they are.IMG_8419-001In the greenhouse I was greeted with loads of cheery rocoto chillies so these along with  a couple of red capsicum, were turned into some Turkish red pepper paste. I’ll let you know how that goes later!IMG_8414 I was very concerned that my precious oyster plant had croaked it but I notice some new little shoots appearing. This must be a perennial, I can’t find much info on the internet so if anyone can share their expertise I would love to hear from you.

IMG_8416The eucalyptus caesia (silver princess) turned on a beautiful show for our return. The wattle birds are loving this tree.IMG_8412-001and what a delight seeing some cheery jonquils in flower.  IMG_8408It is nice to be home and to get back into the exteno for its final stages. Floors are now done so kickboards can go on, bench tops in this week, architrave and skirting boards ordered, painter booked and most exciting part is I can organise for the oven to be delivered. Ironic isn’t though, our son, who is our plumber left the week before we got home to go on his 12 week honeymoon. One day the planets will align.FloorsIt is lovely to be home!

24 Replies to “Sourdough sharing, garden and exteno update.”

  1. That kitchen is going to look gorgeous! Maree, you are amazing that you can churn out such beautiful loaves of sourdough in different baking conditions. I would never have been able to manage baking on a BBQ. And, yes, good sourdough starters are really resilient.


    1. Hi Liz, yes the floors are beautiful. I’m quite nervous about it all actually! The BBQ has absolutely no thermal mass compared to wood ovens and it has been an interesting journey learning to manage for bread baking. First meal? Too nervous to choose I’m afraid but I bet its something simple like a lamb roast!


    1. Hi Liz, I’m still not sure about the oyster plant use. I know it is good with salads and I believe the leaves can be stuffed. Researching it as much as I can. I was blown away when I tasted a leaf and it does taste so much like oyster!


  2. The BBQ secret is out. This is amazing- can’t wait for spring to try out this method. Can’t wait for spring full stop! Your Reno looks superb- what a great space. You won’t know yourself.


    1. Hi Francesca, hope the BBQ method works for you. I do find I need to “tweak” regularly. My little instant read thermal temp thingy helps quite a bit too. I am VERY excited about the space, need to plan a few dinner parties I think.

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  3. That floor looks stunning! Never heard of oyster plant. Must look it up. I have poppies self-seeding too. I leave them for the bees, although mine aren’t competing with any veggie crops.


    1. Hi Bev, I transplanted heaps last year to the garden beds and didn’t expect this in the veggie bed! I love poppies and encourage them, but not in the veggie patch. 🙂


  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous and is only going to get more so once the kickboards are in. Love the wood. I also echo Sandra’s comment – marvellous how you make great looking bread under diverse (and creative!) conditions. Yes, those sourdough starters are robust. Glad your garden survived the five weeks away.

    Hope this gets to you second time around! Posted earlier but did not appear.

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  5. That bread basket is just drool worthy! How amazing, all done on the bbq! Your kitchen is looking marvellous. SO CLOSE to being done! (what will you do with all the renovating time afterward?!) 🙂


  6. Maree, it’s so nice to see things progressing and I hope the stress of “waiting” (or flying by the seat of your pants) isn’t overwhelming. Your grilled sourdough loaves look enticing and your garden is amazing! Take care, my sweet.

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