Exteno update and pumpkin seed bread.

Well it is well and truly all systems go here. I may as well just talk you through some shots of what’s been happening.

We have floor boards!

IMG_6797These were laid last week and it is thrilling to now be able to actually see the room as a unit.  You can just see on the left  a couple of doors on the passageway. These doors were originally at the front of the passage and divided the home from the doctors ‘business end’ of things. They really suit this spot and I love the fact we have put them back into the home. Wiring is all roughed in and light fittings will be fitted later next week.IMG_0349 This is a pic of what will be the laundry which is part of a second bathroom, the laundry bits will be hidden in a cupboard. This was taken yesterday and we have since done 2 coats of paint. The tiler is supposed to come tomorrow so we have tried to cover as much as possible before he starts to avoid dropping paint over the new tiles. We are notoriously messy painters!IMG_6822This pic is of the ceiling in the new spare bedroom. I really love whacky angles and think this will be a really cosy room.IMG_6824 This is taken from the door of this bedroom looking back out to the family/kitchen room. There is a storeroom off to the left and when you turn right (where the paint drop sheets are), you come intoIMG_6825 this passage that the bathroom/laundry, are off. There is also another toilet and a store cupboard in this area. IMG_6821In the shed is a divorce waiting to happen! After much research and investigating we have opted for a DIY kitchen. My son and D.I.L did theirs and their kitchen looks sensational, better than most of the displays we looked at and a hell of a lot cheaper. We have been spending way too much and because I want to have the benchtops made from the timber we took from the old parts of the house, we really needed to tighten the belt a bit. I’m really excited to see it come together.  We survived putting up a greenhouse so I think we can survive some cupboards! IMG_6826So that’s where we are currently at. After waiting sooooooo long I can’t believe how well and how quickly its coming together.

Pumpkin seed sourdough.

I thought I’d try a few loaves over the next few weeks that have extra seeds and grains added . This weekends bake was a simple country loaf dough made of 90% bread flour, 10% Callington Mill Whole Wheat flour, 72% water, 25% white starter (100% hydration), 2% salt, and 150g pumpkin seed (.075%).

IMG_0295 Love seeing such an active starter doing its thing!IMG_0298-001I went back to using my Falcon Enamel roaster to bake these loaves as I’m struggling with sore hands and the cast iron pots are having a little break for a couple of weeks.IMG_6840Crumb shot of the loaf below.IMG_6848Happy with that!IMG_6842Can’t wait to see what next week delivers with the exteno!


11 Replies to “Exteno update and pumpkin seed bread.”

  1. Things are moving along well. Love the sky lights in the new kitchen area. Good luck with the assembling of the DIY kitchen pack. we once bought a tiny ikea kitchen cupboard fro a small space next to the oven. It took hours to do and in the end, S.I.L. had to dismantle it and do it again. ( But he is very anal- we call him “retento” for short). And as for the breads- magnifico.

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    1. Ah, the chippy S.I.L. So far preliminary assembly is going well but its getting the bits together to look professional that will be the hard bit. Just had a piece of the bread to mop up the lamb shank & mash stew. Mmmmmm 🙂

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  2. First time to your blog…it’s great. I’m also in Gippsland..who knows may have passed you at the Warragul Market.. Love the sourdough looks great. I am thinking of doing a day at Cannibal Creek to learn the art of sourdough making. I’m lazy and currently just doing bread in the bread maker. Would love to get hands on with the sourdough. Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sue, glad you popped by. I’m hoping to run some SD classes in the not too distant future so stay tuned, (I do need a kitchen though). Love the Wgl market 🙂


  3. It’s all beginning to take shape and is looking good. My last place had a laundry in a cupboard, a very sensible use of space. Good luck with the flat pack kitchen, we briefly considered doing the same, but just know it would have ended in WW111

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