Reno Update

It feels like months since I thought about a post but it was only last week! Full speed ahead with everything at the moment around here. We are trying to decide on finishing touches, tiling, tap fittings, cornice, door fittings, kitchen cabinets, timber for floor boards, colours etc and I do not enjoy that side of things at all. I have no ability to visualise how something is going to fit into our space and invariably am disappointed when things look different to how I imagined. This is why I need to do things like make cut outs of fittings and pretend I’m working around them to see if it works. Because of this I get very stressed and tend to panic about how things are going to work out, I have several bottles of rescue remedy at hand at all times now. This pic shows the layout marked out in chalk and templates of the sink, dishwasher and small sink placed so I can move them around to get the best configuration. If anyone has any suggestions about range hoods I’d appreciate them. I can’t believe how expensive they cost to get something quiet and in my opinion most I’ve seen are really ugly. The flu sections are designed for homes with ceilings much lower than we have, so that creates problems as well. I’m sure something will evolve but that is one thing I’m quite anxious about.

Kitchen layoutThis photo shows the ceiling windows that will be over an island and how the new kitchen will extend into a dining/family area. Very excited about not having to turn the light on whatever time of day it is.IMG_6401The stripping of the chimney is coming along nicely but due to the hot weather this week I couldn’t rip into as I’d hoped. It is recommended you don’t use Peel Away in temperatures over 30 so that took out most of the week. I’m also limited to doing small sections at a time to minimise pain to my dodgy hands.

IMG_6397Weekend bread bake was just good old 20% rye loaves. My son has now decided I should supply him with bread too. Poor little ‘toy oven’ is really struggling at the moment!

IMG_6413Without doubt the best thing this weekend was the first real smile from our new little grandson ‘Charlie’. What a joy it is seeing your daughter blossom as a mother and her child blossoming because of her.



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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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17 Responses to Reno Update

  1. EllaDee says:

    Rescue Remedy is a good idea… I bought myself a new bottle late last year in preparation and take a necessary dose when it all gets too much, both for my benefit and the G.O.’s… And thank goodness for wine at the end of the day. We’ve also gone through several jars of Arnica & Aspirin cream from the local Nambucca Guardian Pharmacy. They have a FB page and sell online if you’re interested… I have a quilter friend who uses it on her hands.
    Our kitchen doesn’t have a range hood. We rely on 10 foot ceilings, old style high wall vents, celiing fans, open windows and the breeze… very old fashioned. Anything smelly I cook outside on the bbq sideburner.


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi EllaDee, thanks for that tip, I’ll check them out! Of course, wine! Why didn’t I mention that? Not much smelly stuff cooked in here either but because I’m registering with council I have to have one (Grrrrr… nanny state). Thanks for inspiring me too, the crochet blanket I started is coming along quite nicely. It’s been about 40 years since I picked up a hook and it is nice tuning out at night just working away. 🙂


  2. Glenda says:

    Maree Have you considered Schweigen rangehoods? Schweigen is German for silent which they are supposed to be. The thing that makes them different is that the engine is on the outside of the house so they are supposed to be silent in the kitchen. Ours is not exactly silent but we are pretty happy with it. This is the one we have: [ ] but there are lots of designs.


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi Glenda, yes, that is on our short list, the external motor is a great idea. The issue is that we have very high ceilings and want it vented out to the verandah and not through the roof. Flue kits in Aust are short (low ceilings in most new houses) and unlike in Europe extensions aren’t available and if they are they look like extensions! Ugly join onto main flue and often different looking stainless. Don’t really want to spend top dollar and then have to go to specialist stainless steel fabricator to create what we need. Thanks for the recommendation, always better from someone you trust rather than the retailers 🙂


      • Glenda says:

        Maree ours fits into the bottom of overhead cupboards and then is vented to the back wall. Nothing is visible, it is very cool. To have what we have you have to have access to an outside wall. I could take a photo if you wish.


      • fergie51 says:

        Thanks Glenda, sounds good. I’ll let you know if I need a snap. we are planning on running it to outside wall of verandah. Cheers, M


  3. Glenda says:

    Maree, I should have said, ours is not vented through the roof (which is miles away, we have a cathedral ceiling). it goes up into the cupboard and then out the back wall. Nothing is showing at all.


  4. jahtgh says:

    You can get steel fabricators to make longer flues for the range hood. We had that problem too
    When you buy them from the shops, you can usually buy extenders, but they will have joins in them, depending on how high you have to go. Steel fabricators can do all one piece.

    Good luck

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Your new kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it. We are off to purchase a range hood today and I think you for the reminder of “quiet”. I don’t have the problem of high ceilings but I do think most of them are simply ugly.


  6. Jan says:

    Hi Maree, we have a Qaisair range hood which is very efficient, vents through the wall behind the range top and the motor is not too noisy. It is, however, difficult to clean. The filter racks I can put in the dishwasher but getting my head up inside the flap-up cupboard-door-type front is a challenge! The bonus is that it usually makes me laugh because my bottom which is perched on the edge of the bench keeps creeping over onto the ignition buttons! One thing I wish I had thought of at the time is a kitchen sink big enough to take my biggest pot and into which I can fit the oven racks. Good luck with it all – it’s going to look lovely.


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi Jan, LOL at the vision of you “up the cupboard, hair getting sucked out the extractor! Thanks for the tips, I have made sure to have a large laundry trough for those big jobs like oven racks and BBQ hotplates. Always those things that catch you out at the end. Cheers, Maree.


  7. Francesca says:

    Your loaves from the toy oven look as lovely as ever. What a wonderful contraption it is. Nice to hear that Charlie is flashing some real smiles around, delighting everyone.
    Must get some rescue remedy too: a timely reminder.


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