Gardivalia Open Day is just around the corner! Join us.

As I have previously posted, we have entered our back yard garden in the Gardivalia food gardens section this year and the opening weekend  is October 24th and 25th. That’s the weekend after next. I’m pleased to say I’m not doing my usual control freak panic (yet), quite happy to just let things evolve, ensuring a few crops are growing and that it presents well. It’s more about showing how you can relatively easily create a sustainable garden, manage it organically and use good design to ensure things flow smoothly and minimise unnecessary work. It’s about showing how far we have come in a couple of years and I must admit it’s giving the many locals who have been concerned that the house was going to be loved, an opportunity to have a look and rest assured it’s in good hands. Here is a preview of how it’s shaping up.



















The asparagus has been producing some great spears, this bed needs mulching. The thyme growing around the water feature has proven to be a great addition. Bees love it, it’s great to have for picking and it bounces back after a ‘hack’ with the hedge shears.


The apple tree on the junk fence is in flower. Some baby figs developing too. That’s very exciting!


The broad beans are in flower and I’ve seen bees in there. Hopefully we will see young broadies showing soon.


This shot below is from the gate into the veggie patch.



IMG_9284This photo was taken from a similar position August 2012, my post about it is here. It shows the asparagus bed when started and mentions my plan about having the wisteria acting as a frame around the greenhouse. It is getting there!


I hope the mushrooms will perform for the opening but nature will dictate that. I’ll work with nature every time.

As you look around……………… click on this for a little more information of how and why we have created this  food garden. Come along on the 24th or 25th October and introduce yourself. Should be a great day!

With the balmy weather shining on us this weekend, it was a good opportunity to sit under the mulberry tree and enjoy a casual lunch. I know, the dip in the plastic container is not good. Just didn’t have chick peas on hand to whip up some hummus. Better stock up!

Casual Lunch



10 Replies to “Gardivalia Open Day is just around the corner! Join us.”

  1. I really enjoy a wander around your garden… lucky lucky people who will actually get to visit! I’m making mental notes for our one-day garden, and your water feature – thyme combo caught my interest.
    Love the picnic lunch, we often have the same, including that dip, always handy to have in the fridge… good with lamb chops & veges/salad also.


  2. Good luck Maree keeping your inner control freak at bay;. Mine would be out in full force by now.And all the best for the big weekend: Stick with the dips in plastic tubs and other deli food and you might survive.
    Your garden looks impressive. I love the big timbers used to support the wisteria. I opened one of the links and found your good advice re dealing with an excess of dry material. Great idea.
    I would have come but we are in thee middle of a reno in Brunswick- will see how we go. Trafalgar?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Francesca! Might add a few G&T’s to go with the dips I think.Yes Trafalgar. Booked our trip to Greece and Turkey today right after the financial planner said we wouldn’t need to live on soup for next 50 years. Walked out the door and into the Travel Agent. Talk about impromptu. But then again, we did buy this house without my husband looking at it first. Welcome to visit anytime, wouldn’t be able to have a ‘chat’ on the open day probably anyway. Reno in Brunswick, so that’s why Mr T was wandering the streets taking photos. Interesting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Great news re trip and that you wont b living on lentils an silverbeet as a consequence.
        The Brunswick Reno has been going for 19 yeas- just had another bust of energy ( and funds).

        Liked by 1 person

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