Spring is definitely springing up! Garden Share Collective.

At the risk of painting the devil on the wall, I’m going to say that Spring is well and truly here and I doubt there will be any more frosts. There, I’ve said it! This past winter has been a ‘real’ winter. Very cold, lots of frosts, lots of rain and I’ve loved it! I really like seeing the seasons roll around and for the past few years there have been strange happenings such as things bursting into flower in mid June, then frost burning them off and trees  shooting out new leaves before the old ones have fallen. This year it has been a definite autumn, into winter and I hope now into spring. The daffodils are a sight to behold and they have been in bloom for a good three weeks so far. There are also irises and freesias about to pop open.



















IMG_2313One of the irises has opened its heart.

I’m not so confident about no more frosts yet to remove the frost protection, sure as eggs………………


We’ll end up with more of this! This was a beautiful ball shaped fig, didn’t even think to cover it and it has been whacked terribly by the frost. Not sure how well it will come back but I’ll give it a bit of TLC and see.


Then there’s the ever pleasing sight of asparagus spears shooting. I’ve already picked 3 or 4 and munched on them as I work outside.



















The broad beans were planted late but are going really well. In previous seasons I’ve found that they don’t set pods until the bees are out so I may be in with a chance yet! The wire support on the poles is working really well keeping them upright. I’ll add another layer as they get taller.


The garlic at the end of this bed is rocketing along. These brassicas are nearly done and there are some radishes in here too that I pick and eat as I walk by. This bed will be mostly tomatoes and corn this summer.



















The silver princess gums are flowering and we love checking daily to see if the little gum nut caps are any further open. It is amazing how well the caps hold on even though the flower is in full bloom. This is one of my favourite plants!



















You could swear our keeper of the garden is relishing the afternoon sun on his face.



















As I sit in our small, front room in front of the open fire where bread is proving and we are eating the warming, spanish chicken dinner I made last night,

IMG_2376I wonder how many more nights we have to enjoy such cool climate comforts.


I’ll try to add this post to the Garden Share Collective site but I keep stuffing up due dates   so it may just go on the FB GSC page.


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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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10 Responses to Spring is definitely springing up! Garden Share Collective.

  1. Glenda says:

    It sure looks like spring has sprung in your garden, Maree. It is still cold hear I am glad to say.


  2. love the first signs of spring in your garden, I have some iris ready to open as well, I enjoy watching the daily changes in the garden at the moment.


  3. It sure has been looking like spring though when I went out today I found it got pretty cold again! Lots of blossoms in my street and buds on trees! I hope your fig pulls through!


  4. Elizabeth says:

    WOW, so cool… any chance you can email me some good tips for grown asparagus… I so desperately want to have some Oh and a close up photo of the broad bean wires would be great too as mine seem to fall all over the place! 🙂
    You garden look so amazing! I’m a bit jealous 🙂
    Liz xx


    • fergie51 says:

      Mmmm, asparagus. Lots of poo! I usually add a couple of bags of cow & sheep manure very late winter. I’m told seaweed used as a much is excellent but I’m never allowed to load the car full of that. My post from a while ago has a couple of better shots of the BB supports. Easy, bang a few stakes in ground, put some wire over posts so fairly taut fitting (I used the cheap plastic coated stuff from the big green shed) and as the BB’s grow they come through the squares which act as support in strong winds. Once they get a lot taller I fit another level of wire, 2 levels has usually been enough. Post was https://aroundthemulberrytree.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/the-ins-outs-of-the-weekend/ hope it helps a bit. 🙂


  5. Gretchen says:

    Looks lovely. Nothing like some fresh asparagus to announce that spring is in the air!


  6. Lots of great things here, fingerscrossed the frosts have gone. Spring is my favourite season, although I do love seeing all of them too. I was wondering about the ball shaped fig – is it a fruit bearing variety? We are planting up 2 full sized wine barrels and I wanted to put figs in but wonder how they will go potted even though it’s very deep and wide. Jan x

    Liked by 1 person

    • fergie51 says:

      Hi Jan, Had another frost last week so fingers crossed that’s the last! No, the ball figs are purely ornamental, I have a fruiting fig in the veggie patch I’m espaliering onto the fence. Supposed to do well in containers I believe. Good luck with yours! Love wine barrels, even when empty!Gee, they are very pricey these days though 🙂


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