Mushroom risotto and Lights!

Last week Mr ATMT came home and said he had heard chef Shannon Bennett being interviewed on the ABC and he was talking about his mushroom risotto. I’m not a risotto fan unless I make it or unless I know that the person in the kitchen takes its making seriously. Gnocchi is another menu selection I have this issue with. I’m not into eating golf balls and don’t believe it when wait staff say it’s “homemade” that it actually is. I’ve seen those little cryo vac bags some restaurants purchase from suppliers labelled “homemade” that bounce if you happen to drop them. I downloaded this mushroom risotto recipe from the ABC website intending to make it last weekend. Didn’t happen then, but I did manage to make the mushroom stock for the recipe. I was a bit emotional  as I cooked this dish tonight as  our niece is engaged to a chef who previously worked with Shannon and we are anxiously awaiting news about her dad who today suffered a stroke.  Her dad, mine and Mr ATMT’s brother in law and the reason we met. Every stir was done with love and positive thoughts for them. I just hate seeing people I love going through pain knowing you can’t really do anything to ease it.  Happy birthday AH!

One good thing about having a cruddy kitchen is that is good being able to just stick recipes onto the wall and not worry about messing up paint work etc. Mushroom risotto here!


Some adaptations were made to the recipe due to inability to source neither champagne vinegar nor carnaroli rice  locally (I did check with Coles and they suggested I try Uncle Ben’s Express rice – I didn’t).

I’m not going to go through step by step my making of this dish, that is clearly spelt out in the recipe. But I can say it was delicious! If you like risotto and have a surplus of mushrooms, give it a go!

mushroom risotto


Lights! Yay!

Today we had light fittings fitted into the rooms that are pretty much under control as far as renovating are concerned. Once again I called on the ever reliable Amador from Safety First Electrical to carry out this job. There is nothing more frustrating than trades people who don’t deliver when they say they will. No problem with Amador, if there is an unexpected delay you can count on great communication and alternative suitable arrangements are made.  Amador is also an expert in providing energy solutions for homes and businesses, something so important to all of us! We purchased light fittings from Geoff Mills at the Morwell Lighthouse and would highly recommend  anyone who needs to buy light fittings, get advice or to convert existing fittings to be more energy efficient that you check out this business. Service standards and knowledge are exceptional, why would you pay as much, if not more to buy from a store that deals in everything from compost to concrete when you can have experts like the staff at Morwell Lighthouse who point you in the right direction?

Here are our lights, I’m thrilled!


Lighting passageway

Photo below is taken in similar position 18 months ago. I think we are getting there!















This is the snug light fitting.



The ballroom/lounge room. I love this fitting but because of the pattern on the heritage Wunderlich  pressed steel ceiling we will have to get a larger finishing cap.


Finally, my folly. I am so not  a chandelier type person, but I saw this ages ago, fell in love with it and finally we succumbed and bought it. I absolutely love it! If not only to look at, but it is a great discussion point having a bit of Louis 15th french bling in the bedroom!  Or as Mr ATMT says, the FOTT (see how you go working that out!)

Louis 15th 5 light


It is nice to go back and see the old photos as we so often feel we are not getting anywhere. I just looked back on my timeline on Facebook and found my post after we had, on a whim bought this place, my words were, “Holy shit, we just bought a house! Should have gone to cello”.…

There is a certain amount of pride knowing we are giving this lovely old home a rebirthing. Many more ticks to check off the list yet!

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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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8 Responses to Mushroom risotto and Lights!

  1. BigPond says:

    Wow. It is looking just fantastic. Love the new lights and love the before and after shots. No wonder you feel proud and satisfied. Fantastic.

    Sent from my iPad



  2. MamaD1xx4xy says:

    The risotto looks delicious. Amazing how much difference light fixtures can make! The house is looking wonderful.


  3. EllaDee says:

    Divine. Homemade proper mushroom risotto. The G.O. doesn’t eat savoury rice in any form so it’s been years since I enjoyed risotto. Occasionally I order it when out but the results are hit and miss.
    I love your lights. They are beautiful and suit your house – those ceilings! What a transformation of the hallway. Your pics clarified a couple of decisions I’ve been mulling over re curtain rods and our own hallway… the lovely fretwork over the doorway opens it up so elegantly.


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi, I agree about proper home made risotto, need to know beforehand the reputation if ordering when out. Glad the pics helped, it is so hard to decide on which way to go. I’m not real good at visualising until things are in place!


  4. Lisa says:

    I looooove mushroom risotto. Yours looks amazing. Those before and after pictures are lovely. Your home looks so lovely and cosy and inviting


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