A really bad smell is – In My Kitchen!

Yes, not a stunning way to start this month’s IMK post! Most of Celia’s lovely IMK participants over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial,  share pictures of their delightful, gourmet treats, stunning new cookware and trinkets collected from afar, but no, not me this month! Due to my own stupidity and carelessness, the kitchen is full of foul smelling, black smoke which is due to this,


I stupidly put a Tupperware lid on top of the toaster and this particular toaster starts when the button is ever so lightly touched. I’ve hated this toaster since the day we got it and I now have a justifiable reason to get rid of it. It’s full of melted plastic that dripped down into its guts. Bye bye toaster! Next one will definitely be a good old push the lever down style.

On a lighter note, some other happenings this month In My Kitchen are:

IMG_1370The first firing up  of the wood fire stove this season. As much as I love the idea of this oven, the total inefficiency of it is why I don’t use it often. It takes a couple of hours to get to about ‘moderate’ temperature and I just hate seeing wood wastefully ‘go up in smoke’  without some return.  It is lovely though, on a miserable winter’s afternoon to listen to the crackle and feel the radiating warmth. I am planning on putting in a wood fire which also has  a baking chamber in it when we do the new kitchen/family room. Haven’t yet decided if this will stay or go and if it goes, what will fill the space.


And there is a great big mess! Glenda over at Passionfruit Garden has been doing some posts about using pumpkins in cakes and loaves and it made me think about a nut loaf my mum used to make. Mum wasn’t a great cook which might be why my dad bought her this book, 2 and a half months after they were married in 1943. Mum did cook, but like most post war Australian wives it was basic yet filling food and ‘tea’, not dinner, quite often sat on top of a saucepan full of water with the saucepan lid covering the plate while it ‘stayed warm’ for hours until dad was ready to eat it. IMG_1371

I love this book, it has all the requirements a modern-day 1943 housewife should have and hints and tips on how to be a great homemaker. Nothing quite as OTT as The Good Wife, but it is interesting reading and the recipes are reliable and sometimes quite humorous. Luckily it was tagged to come to me when things were divided up. You can see by the way mum noted it as for me, she wasn’t a subtle person!

Good wife







Anyway, back to why there is a mess in my kitchen. Inspired by Glenda, I decided to see if I could recreate a nut loaf that tasted like mums. I checked with my niece and she didn’t have the recipe amongst the ones she inherited and the one Glenda shared didn’t seem to be quite like the one I remember, so I searched Google and came up with this recipe that seemed more like the one I was looking for. Sure was close! I used brown sugar and upped the butter a bit and also added a teaspoon of mixed spice.

Nut Loaf

Cooked in an old nut loaf tin and the excess in a small loaf pan covered with a foil tent, It was a good start to searching and finding the lost memory. Not quite there but certainly on the way.


Quite a few IMK posts ago I mentioned we were looking for a tea that was as enjoyable as the tea we brought back from our trip to India. This ‘Good Morning Tea’ from Lupicia is proving to be a really enjoyable tea with plenty of flavour. Like my new tea cosies? I knitted these over a few nights while sitting in front of the fire. Knitting, winter and fire go so well together. I’m not really (in fact not at all) an artsy, crafty sort of person apart from a little knitting now and again.

That’s me for In My Kitchen this month. Thanks Celia for hosting these bloggers and joining us together. Go over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and check out what others have going on in their kitchens. I bet they smell better than mine!

29 Replies to “A really bad smell is – In My Kitchen!”

  1. I love your tea cosies!! I have featured a melted kettle on IMK so you are not alone. I have a wood fired oven too but it doesn’t get very hot. Bit of a flop really. At least it makes the kitchen warm in winter.

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  2. the nut loaf looks amazing, i used to love nut loaf, will have to have a go at making one, even though I don’t have the right tin. I can relate to the melted plastic, i am always melting things, even the back of my kindle the one time I tried to have a romantic candelight bath whilst reading and drinking wine…

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  3. At least it was a toaster you never liked! The nut loaf looks lovely, it’s always fun and adventurous trying to recreate a childhood recipe. I enjoy using pumpkin in a variety of quick breads, or better yet pumpkin muffins.


    1. I was really happy cutting the cord off that toaster and putting it in the scrap metal pile 🙂 Enjoying the nut loaf and think I’ve found an even closer recipe to the original. Thanks for commenting!


  4. I love trying to recreate a memory with a recipe – I’ve just done it not long ago with a zucchini and bacon slice an old aunty use to make – I think I’ve cracked it and it just took me back to my childhood. Just love the old book and your mum’s note!! I’d love to get my hands on an old nut loaf tin……thanks for sharing, Jan x p.s. that toaster was doomed from the start really wasn’t it!


  5. I have never melted an appliance but I have had the satisfaction of cutting off cords, and once hurling a recalcitrant vacuum cleaner into the backyard accompanied by a lot of bad language… just missing a visiting neighbour!
    Your cook books and loaves (and Glenda’s) remind me of my Nanna, they are thing she would make using the cylindrical tins, and which I would eat warm slathered in butter 🙂
    And I love your new tea cosies. How clever to knit them yourself!


    1. Love bad language when called for, hope you’re neighbour stuck around 🙂 I used to do a lot of knitting but just stopped when I had 3 kids in 32 months (don’t know what else I could possibly have been doing!). I hankered to do some so dug up a pattern to match a cosy that was in this house when we moved in. Must have been about 50 years old I think, had passed its use by date! Maybe my vacuum cleaner might be the next to go 🙂

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  6. As a girl, I used to love a sweet, round bread called ‘Boston Brown Bread’ that we could buy in the USA. It was in a can and you pushed it out, ready made and ate it with some cream cheese on it, or at least we did. Your round loaf reminds me of that, but I’ll bet yours tastes better, because homemade usually does! Your tea cosies are very cute. The wood burner stove looks great for atmosphere but I get what you’re saying about being inefficient. I have that same toaster and I love it, best toaster we’ve ever had, but we do turn it off at the wall after use, so perhaps that is why we have had good use from it. I hope you enjoy your new toaster, it is a minefield to get a decent one. The old ones that you had to flip the bread halfway through were more reliable!!


  7. I love your tea cosies. I am just starting to learn how to crochet and it’s on my list of things to make. Looking forward to seeing the new toaster next month!


  8. It is amusing to think of you being so domestic goddess with your knitting and warm firm while the plastic lid burns! (well that is probably what I would do if I have a domestic goddess moment!). That nut loaf tin makes me all nostalgic for my mum’s nut loaves with slabs of butter spread over them. Good luck with finding the recipe.


    1. Moi, a domestic goddess? That’s a hoot! Made my day with that comment. I find the older I get the more nostalgia is creeping in. Think I might be on the right track for the recipe too. Cheers M 🙂


  9. I am eyeing your nut loaf tin, I have wanted one for ages but never seem to find them in the U.K Your teapot cosies are adorable too, I would have them in my home, but we don’t tend to use teapots much these days.


    1. Hi Shaheen, I found the tin in an op-shop and couldn’t resist it. I don’t use tea bags anymore since I’ve adopted a no ‘single use’ plastic policy. It’s amazing what’s hidden in tea bags! I also love the ritual of brewing a pot and seeking that just right blend. Thanks for commenting!


  10. Loving the look of the nut loaf – how yummy! Your knitting looks lovely – it’s a skill I’ve wanted to have, but with two small children I’ve not found the time to teach myself properly.

    I hate the smell of melted plastic, but on the silver lining side, new appliances, yay! 🙂


    1. Hi Lisa, never time with kids! I only do the occasional thing or two now but do find it rewarding. I especially liked these cosies it was replicating something that was original we found in this very old house when we moved in. Not getting a new toaster yet, waiting for my new kitchen 🙂


  11. I think we all have done something similar with the Tupperware lids, so please don’t beat yourself up too much! Your loaves look delicious and wish I could try right now with my coffee!
    Thank you for this month’s kitchen views too!


  12. So many cozy images here! I love your stove and I am sure I’d not be able to resist firing it up on cold weather. And your tea cosies are so lovely and warm looking. We’re wilting here in Antalya, but you’ve got me dreaming of a hot cup of tea by the fire!


    1. Thanks! Yes, love a warm cosy fire and a cuppa. Just about to make a nice hot chocolate and sip while watching the flickering flames. That’s cruel isn’t it? 🙂


  13. It must be lovely in your kitchen with the wood stove going but I can understand the hassle of keeping it operating. In my younger days of renting in the country, I can remember having to light the wood store to heat water for the bathroom, even in Summer! maybe you could get a replacement lid from Tupperware, they are usually very good with that sort of thing.


    1. Hi, your comment took me back to the days when we had a briquette hot water heater and had to light it every night and morning. Only good thing about it according to my husband, was that he could burn nappies (good cloth ones) he considered too gross to deal with. Wondered why they dwindled in numbers so quickly! A very generous Tupperware manager who reads my blog has offered to replace the lid. How nice is that? Cheers.


  14. the tea cosies are gorgeous – clever you! we have a retro toaster with a big lever you push down- i love it! doesn’t plastice make a stink? nut bread is fab. my mum used to make it too in a round nut loaf tin. it was always a bit dried out but a lot of fun. yes i think a wood fire would be a heck of a lot of work.:)


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