Sourdough Pizzaccia, or is it Focizza?

Inspired when reading a lovely post about winter by Francesca over at Almost Italian, I was feeling a bit peckish, it was late for dinner so decided to literally throw together a pizza style meal. Francesca’s looked so good sitting on the hearth of her fire it really struck a chord. At 7.20 I said to Mr ATMT I was going to have a crack at making something out of nothing, so set into the kitchen to see what evolved. Ta-dah!pizza

I put the china mixing bowl into the sink and filled with hot water to warm it for a few minutes then dried it off. Into this went 1 cup bread flour, about a 1/3 cup sourdough starter,  a very small pinch of instant yeast, 1tblspnish of olive oil and enough water (about 1/3 cup) to mix altogether into a soft dough. I mixed the ‘dough’ together for about 1minute and put it back in the warm bowl with a lid on it. It sat for 1/2 an hour while I watched Shane Delia in Turkey on SBS. Back out to the kitchen between Shane and Luke Nuygen to prepare topping and bake.

I put the dough onto some baking paper and pushed it out with oiled fingers into a pizza shape. Topping consisting of : approx 1/4 of a potato, 1/2 a small onion, about 8 small mushrooms, all sliced thinly, I drizzled Olive oil  over the dough then I just spread all the topping ‘stuff’ over the dough. On top of this I sprinkled sea salt, ground black pepper,  some grated paneer cheese, finely chopped rosemary and another drizzle of olive oil. Into the ‘toy oven’ for about 15 minutes and it was ready. Although the dough could have been proving longer and the oven could have been another 20 degrees hotter this tasted really nice. Even better was the pleasure of taking it into the snug and enjoying it in front of the fire with a nice glass of red.

Potato pizza

Yes, a lot to be enjoyed in winter!



4 Replies to “Sourdough Pizzaccia, or is it Focizza?”

  1. Your snug looks so… snug and cosy and the pizza foccaccia amazingly tasty. What a good story about throwing it together in a pre- warmed bowl. I love meals that happen like this.


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