Countdown to Kitchen Lift off is imminent – IMK June.

Woo hoo! Very excited here at ATMT. After 3 long years of trying to sell our property at Fish Creek (Fishy), which is a quirky and delightful town close to our fabulous Wilsons Promontory (The Prom) on the southern tip of Victoria.  We have just had settlement, money is in the bank and we can now proceed in ernest with the reno at this ‘New Old House’. Very sad to be losing the association with the property that I ran as a self contained accommodation facility for about 12 years, but I want to put some energy into this project now. This photo is of the iconic ‘Fishy Pub’, famous for the fish on the roof!



So, what is in my kitchen this month?

PLANS, PLANS, PLANS! Although we have been preparing for this time for a while, we didn’t want to get to bogged down with the detail until we knew how many $$$$ we had to play with. Massive price reduction to sell meant that what we could do here was affected.  Since we moved in (2 years) and while the Fishy property was on the market this place  has been listed as a Heritage Protected Property, so have had to go through planning approval for any changes. That’s all done, now we need to get final plans drawn up and the building permit issued. When that’s done, we are aiming to start in Spring, couldn’t handle no back half of the house in winter! If I was really optimistic, I would be saying things like I hope to have a kitchen by Christmas, but I doubt it. So consequently in my kitchen are plans and wish lists. I’ve been collecting pictures and ideas that will all be used for tips and ideas in the final mix. If you look closely, you can see a little  spot on the plans marked ‘Kitchen’!

PlansBecause I’m so excited, I got a bit carried away thinking about how I will be able to bake things like croissants, puff pastry, more than 6 sausage rolls and maybe even 2 loaves of bread at a time. My bench top Sunbeam Pizza Bake N Grill has done well, but gee, I’m over it! So, to assist in making all the lovely pastries I plan to make, I decided I needed a good heavy-duty rolling-pin. Probably should have checked the measurements first! The one I ordered online from Amazon is what I will label as my “2 & 1/2 wine bottle pin”. Love it even though it is a monster!

IMG_0966We are still on the quest to find some tea that was as delicious as the assam tea we bought while in India. Not having much luck but when in Melbourne last weekend we bought home a few to try. There are also a few  tomatoes that are trickling in from the greenhouse.

IMG_0969We went Melbourne to celebrate Mr ATMT’s 60th birthday last weekend (Post coming later) and I did the clean out the fridge “what can I use up to take as nibbles routine”. Quite amazing what you can throw together when you have to. These were the most beautiful marinated mushrooms I’ve ever had. Quartered the mushies, cooked in microwave for about a minute and a half. Meanwhile into a pan went some olive oil, about 6 garlic cloves and a chopped up chilli. Heated just enough to slightly cook off the garlic and bring out the chilli oil. This was then poured over the mushrooms, seasoning generously with salt and pepper, the lemon zest of  1 lemon and about 1/2 a tsp of the leftover Spicy Tibetan Sauce I made to go with the Rick Stein Curry I made earlier in the week. Into a container until we used them and they were beautiful. Shame the photo is fuzzy!

IMG_0940I also found some leftover lamb mince, so I threw this in with some chopped rosemary, onion, garlic S&P and an egg to make little meatballs. Served with my tomato relish they were lovely.

IMG_0944Some brownies packed to go with our cuppa, these were made using Annabel Langbein’s brownie recipe. Once again a never fail!

IMG_0951I’ve recently been reading a few different bread making books and currently have Ken Forkish’s Flour, Water and Salt  on loan from the library. Good read so far.  I’ve split ‘Phoenicia’ in half to make a rye starter as well as a basic white. She’s happy with the separation.

IMG_0973Well, I didn’t think I had much to report this month and yet now I feel like I’ve been waffling on for ages. Because we are heading into the wintry blues I thought I’d close with a shot of some of the vibrant colour we experienced in India.


Thanks Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for your hospitality and generosity with the IMK community.

34 Replies to “Countdown to Kitchen Lift off is imminent – IMK June.”

  1. Love the Indian colours at the end- anything Indian appeals to me.
    I have stayed in the Fishy pub a few times and love it down there- must be sad to be parting with your association with the town. Your new house will be wonderful. It;s always exciting renovating , especially a heritage listed home. All the best for the project ahead.


    1. Thanks Francesca, I think it was the most expensive parents retreat in the world! Will miss it sorely, but does us good to have a shake up every now and again. The community over there is exceptional.


  2. Hi Maree. I love your rolling pin.
    I have a similar photo taken in India. I actually bought little containers of that dye but I don’t know what it is used for so they have been sitting one my bookshelf for years.


  3. Best of luck with your new renovations… will you keep the fish on top of the building? Love a big roiling pin and the brownies look delicious. 🙂


  4. Maree, how exciting is THIS?! I loved the “story behind your story” (thanks for the link), and I think your Diploma of Sustainability will ultimately serve and enhance your new digs (and eats) as you make this home (with bonus “family connections” — amazing how things come together, isn’t it?) “your own” as your kids grow up. (We’ve all had to make sacrifices and take short cuts from time to time — no apologies necessary!) Best, BEST wishes on creating your new IMK space, xo! Sooooooooo happy for you!


    1. Thanks so much Kim, that’s beautiful of you to take the time to ‘investigate’ and comment. It was quite bizarre finding out about the family connection. She was a cracker of a lady!


  5. What fun being able to plan a new kitchen! While it may be a lot of,work and the wait seems endless, just imagine how much fun you’ll have once it is done. I love the huge rolling pin!


  6. renovation can be equally frustrating infurating exciting and satisfying, but in the end it’s worth the ups and downs to transform a house to your home. Good luck, I look forward to following the project. That’s a killer rilling pin BTW


    1. Thanks, waiting in angst for the reno to begin. Hopefully September it will be off and running! That will prove not only interesting but challenging 🙂


  7. I’m so excited for you! I can’t imagine what it is like to not have a really good oven for any length of time! I will be wonderful to watch the renos each month. I did the same thing with the starter and made a rye one as well. I find it has such a lovely taste to it 🙂 Oh and I wish a had the bench space to be able to use a rolling pin that large…. I look forward to seeing it in a baking post in the future 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Liz xx


  8. I Love the warmth of your Indian colors as seems all I do is freeze these days!
    You had me with your brownies! They say as one door closes, another opens!
    Thank you also for this month’s kitchen view!


  9. I’m looking forward to hearing about the remodeling work. From the plans it looks like more than just the kitchen will be altered. It’s an exciting time. We did a major renovation about 12 years ago and had to move into a small apartment for 9 months…2 adults, 1 child, 1 large dog, and 1 cat in a two bedroom and one bath apartment. Certainly an adventure. Good for you that you will be able to live in your home and keep an eye on construction.


    1. Hi Liz, yes, whole back of house being done. Sounds like fun in the apartment, cosy indeed! Will be testing at certain times re bathroom but I’m pretty good at improvising and if desperate there is a shower at work. Just makes the end result sweeter I think. 🙂


  10. I’m SO excited for you!! At long last, it’s all going to happen! Can’t wait to follow the progress – can you please keep doing IMK posts even when there isn’t a kitchen, so we can see it grow? 🙂 And good grief, that’s a HUGE rolling pin! 🙂


    1. Thanks Celia! Why is when we are so excited about something we tend (or I do) to imagine all sorts of things going wrong? Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing every nightmare of it on IMK. Might need to hold that rolling pin when talking to tradies 🙂


  11. A renovation is exciting IMK news. Those of us who aren’t living are very vicariously interested!
    I love the nibblies you made for Melbourne, and have made a mental note to self.


  12. Exciting times for you indeed. Those Indian colours are really quite incredible.

    Did you just leave a comment on my blog (IMK post)? I had one from Maree that looks as though it might be from you, but I haven’t approved it as I’m being told it’s a dodgy site.


    1. Oooh, I hope I’m not dodgy! Sorry, I trolled through loads of IMK posts last night and I honestly can’t remember if I posted to yours or not! I do love that green cup and saucer though, sort of recall I may have just done a simple something like ‘nice’ 🙂


  13. A renovation is such exciting news! Can’t wait to see progress shots and the end result! I love that you’ve come up with such yummy nibbles with leftovers. Those mushrooms look truly delicious!


  14. I’m loving your marinated mushrooms Maree. Such a great idea for a tapas style meal or to serve with antipasto – yumm! I will be trying this for sure. Good luck with your new renovation ventures – such a wonderful time ahead for you


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