Don’t be fooled-Winter in the garden is busy!

It’s been many moons since I last did a Garden Share Collective post. I just don’t know where the time has gone, I blink and another month has passed me by!

We can no longer kid ourselves that summer has gone (didn’t really have one), and Autumn too is racing out the back gate being replaced by what appears will be a cold winter. As the sun shines and sparkles on these icy cobwebs in the early morning I revel in the changing seasons.

IMG_0722A couple of things to share this month:

A new bed and repositioning of the spud bath. The bed beside the chook house that had corn in it over the summer has been fed and garlic is planted in it. The bath across the back previously took the spot where the stepping stones are and I have moved it to make this area a little more attractive and easier to access and use. I can now get to the worm farm and one of the closed compost bins much more easily. There are a couple of small  spaces that I will fill with bee attracting flowers. Love that camellia!

IMG_0780I must admit I love winter in the garden, the feeling that everything has stopped kicks in and you then turn something over or see the cool climate crops return a harvest and you realise just how much does continue on. The sweet potatoes in the greenhouse are starting to die off and I’m eagerly awaiting to see how many and what size sweet potatoes I get.

IMG_0838The broccoli heads are starting to form and the garlic in this raised wicking bed is well and truly on track.

IMG_0852There are a couple of plants I’ve had to put some frost protection in place for. This is a Davidson’s Plum, the other is a tamarillo that I thought I had lost last year but it came good over the warmer seasons.

IMG_0824The couple of beds that you walk through on the way into the veggie patch are slowly showing signs of the seasonal changes. The nectarine on the front right is resisting yet the yellowing plant rear left is a cherry that has just about dropped completely. There are bulbs and irises poking up through the mulch, exciting. No eggs from the free loading chooks ATM though!

IMG_0903The last of the grapes harvested and slipped into the mouth with a sigh of appreciation.


Looking forward to having a bit of time over the next couple of weeks to plant more, tidy up and plan for the spring. I’m looking forward to reading the other GSC posts.


10 Replies to “Don’t be fooled-Winter in the garden is busy!”

  1. What a great looking chook house!!! I am jealous already. And grapes this late too? Your frost protection structures remind me that I must get onto mine. So far we have been lucky.

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    1. I absolutely love my chook house Francesca! Grapes were hiding and I accidentally found them when I was eating the last of the Autumn raspberries. I think that because they have been left so long the flavour has really developed well, so sweet, just like honey.

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  2. Enoyed your post this morning and your lovely pictures. Here in Tennessee we are just getting some things planted in our garden and the beginning of our growing season. I started some heirloom tomato plants and they are just beginning to sprout and just this week we harvested some mulberries from the old mulberry tree, just enough for a good cobbler pie. If I can figure out how to post some pictures for you I will do so, especially the Mulberry tree.


  3. Was just thinking how lovely your chicken house is. I keep meaning to research the requirements for keeping hens where we live. I have a sweet potato plant too… I planted it for a bit of fun but it’s taken up quite a lot of space and is very happy and healthy and even putting out beautiful flowers. I’ve been eating the leaves but I’ve been wondering how to know when to harvest the tubers. Any advice?


  4. Winter hasn’t slowed you down at all and look at those sneaky sweet potatoes, yum. I am glad to see a Davidson plum going, I am still waiting for mine to get to a decent size. However we are moving to Davidson plum territory in the coming months – the Northern Rivers. Also don’t forget to add your link to the link-up on my post, so others can visit you. 🙂


  5. I do love your chicken shed, and I am jealous that you grow sweet potatoes. It’s too cold to grow them here.


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