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It is now 9.43 pm and literally 15 minutes since we walked in the back door after spending Friday, Sat and most of today in Sydney, our state of New South Wales capital city. I’m probably too late for the IMK deadline so I’ll just do a brief summary of what’s in my kitchen (or will be after my weekend in Sydney).

We flew in around midday on Friday and jumped into a taxi to the Chef’s Warehouse that we have heard Celia frequently mention and shown us the delights she has acquired there. My goodness, I am so glad we don’t live too close! I focussed on only buying things I know are hard to source at home and that I could fit into my hand luggage and came away with this little lot. Some clay cookware which I’ve been wanting to get for tapas and breakfasts, in particular spanish eggs. A Really fine mesh skimmer, some bakers linen for using as a couche (once I have an oven I can fit a baguette bigger than a hot dog roll into). A lovely wooden spoon and,


some new wine glass racks that have a wider base than the ones we use now. This was quite funny as the lady at Chef’s Warehouse didn’t think we’d get them onto the plane as they might be considered ‘dangerous’. She very kindly gave us some bubble wrap we could wrap them in and post home which we had every intention of doing until we got to the airport with our package ready to post and there was  nowhere to post it. A quick discussion with the security people and we were okayed to carry them. Lucky!


I attended a spice appreciation and blending class at the renowned ‘Herbies’ in Rozelle. This was great but will take too long to cover here, a separate post about that later. I did bring home some special spices and the blend I made up as part of the session. Now to think of a way to use it! I also picked up a lovely new bowl at ‘The Essential Ingredient’, another one of my online shops. This is an extremely short post but after a busy weekend I really need to hit the hay and dream of  how I will use my Sydney souvenirs In My Kitchen!

Thanks again Celia for the link up! Head over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see some other interesting kitchens.


19 Replies to “In My Kitchen-May”

  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Perhaps it is a good thing this is all on the other side of the globe from me, I could get into so much trouble shopping there!


    1. It was indeed a good weekend, much needed by 2 very overloaded people. Change of scene was just lovely. Yes indeed to shopping caution needing to be exercised!


  2. Oh how fabulous, you made it to Chefs! I’m impressed you resisted the cane bannetons! I have a terrible weakness for those Spanish cazuelas – aren’t they reasonably priced at Chefs! Apparently they often go for double that price in retail shops. I love Herbies, we’ve been going there since they opened. I wish I’d known you were so close by, I’d have popped up and said hello. 🙂


    1. Hi Celia, yes, after all the wonderful things I see you get there it was a priority! It’s extremely difficult to find cazuela/tapas dishes down here, the only ones I’ve ever seen were glazed white on the inside and they just didn’t appeal to me as much. Herbies was great, such lovely people, it would have been fabulous if you’d popped in. Oh well, next time. I usually hate shopping but there were so many interesting places I was quite happy to wander.


  3. You made the IMK deadline. Heroic effort!
    What a lovely haul you have. We fly with carry-on baggage only. Saves me from myself!
    Despite living in Sydney I dare not venture too much to the kitchenalia stores. Locally, a few blocks from me is a Victoria’s Basement. Across the road from it is Bunnings. And not far away Salts Meats Cheese. A triple whammy of retail temptation.


    1. I know exactly what you mean about the hand luggage. Could be VERY dangerous indeed. It was funny driving around seeing places I have used for online shopping thinking, mmmm, I know that name. I could easily have filled a week in. Good reason for another getaway I think.


  4. Maree, yay for clay cookware (LOVE the color), your gorgeous photo of “SHB” at sunset (sunrise?) and security folks who “know.” Glad you made it home with your treasures in time to post! 🙂


    1. Hi Kim, I’m surprised the clay ware made it back at all with the little TLC it got as far as packaging goes. Did manage to break one small one 😦 Yes, I like that shot of the SHB, it was at sunset. We sat on the deck of the Opera House and sipped away on a bottle of while watching it set. It’s the little things that are wonderful!


  5. I love herbies spices – didn’t know they have workshops – sounds like fun – and you did a great job of shopping for stuff to take on the plane – I am very wary of crockery on the plane after a crockery lizard I bought years ago got broken on a plane trip (in the check in luggage) but have brought other crockery home unscathed. Glad the security people were reasonable about your wine glass holders.


  6. Wow! It’s a good thing I don’t travel to Sydney much anymore. And how fortunate that you were restricted by hand luggage only (or is it!?!). I love each and every one of your treasures. Top effort for making the deadline too!!!


  7. Oooo so many goodies. I must look this shop up next time I’m in Sydney (after checking out the Rocks Markets, another one of Celia’s recommendations).


    1. Hi Nicole, Herbies was great. Can’t say I learned a huge amount re using spices (would take years to master blending I think) but I love hearing people who know and understand their stuff so well and got some great tips. Was great seeing a few different things and just generally enjoying the day all for myself. You would have laughed I think, when he said garam masala didn’t usually have cumin added to the blend. I said I’d made the Rick Stein G/Masala which has cumin in it and he said he’d have to have a strong word with Rick!

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