In My Kitchen- Oh dear another month gone by!

Not too much happening here at the moment – just seem to have lost my mojo! Thanks to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this forum. Never cases to amaze me how some people churn out the most wonderful dishes and have stocked in their cupboards some lovely little gems!

This month the Autumn season was in full swing and consequently there are changes in what is available to use in the kitchen. I was lucky enough to have some beautiful quince dropped off to me by George & Jenny who own and operate Tarra Valley Foods in Rosedale Victoria. They make and sell a huge range of preserves, all of which I have tasted are wonderful. If you are ever heading down the Princes Hwy towards the NSW border, make a point to seek them out! They also have a great range of preserving history displayed. These little beauties are headed to become quince jelly and I’ll also do some oven slow poached quince. Lightly spiced with some lemon, star anise and cinnamon it makes a lovely desert.


We spent the Easter break camping at Castlemaine, an historical town in the area where gold fever was prominent in the formative years of Australia. This region is full of lovely old architecture and there are also some great markets to be visited.  I really like the Wesley Hill Market as it has a great range of fruit & veg, preserves and also a great eclectic assortment of crafts, preloved goods and it generally has a nice buzz to it. I picked up these,

Wesley Hill Farmers Market

The Splitters Creek olive oil I bought last time we were there was beautiful, didn’t even taste test this time, hope it’s still up to the mark! Tried to find a link but sadly they don’t seem to have any web presence.

The two other bottles are a Persian style pickle and some garlic which has been pickled using date vinegar. No idea what will I will do with them but it seemed like a good idea at the time!

Before we left I had made dumplings from scratch. Had never made the wrappers before and they were a great success. Won’t stress over that again, just takes a bit of time to roll the dough out.

Dumpling wrappers

The left over dumpling filling of pork, ginger, zucchini, spring onion and sesame oil made nice little meatballs to go with our always favoured camping breakfasts. This breaky was sourdough toast (Celia’s starter of course!), poached egg, dumpling stuffing meatballs and grilled tomato served with tomato pickles and a really strong brew of tea.

Camping breakfast

Now to make a cuppa and take a peek at what’s in everyone else’s kitchen this month!


25 Replies to “In My Kitchen- Oh dear another month gone by!”

  1. Your breakfast sounds amazing…wish I was there :)) well done with giving them such fabulous flavours & textures..yummm!!


  2. The box of quinces look gorgeous, and they can hang around waiting for you to be in the mood- that’s the good ting about quince, never in a hurry. The pickles from Castlemaine sound tasty. I love that town!


    1. It’s taken a few years to enjoy them any way other than as jelly but as with many things, one a taste is acquired it becomes a staple! Beautiful area but boy it was sad to see how dry the country is compared to our lush Gippsland.

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  3. I went on a dim sum course a couple of months ago and the wrappers were far easier to make than I’d expected too! We set ourselves up thinking things are harder than they are, don’t we?
    Kavey (fellow IMKer)


    1. Isn’t it funny, I just checked out your blog and guess what? Mamta’s kitchen I remember quite clearly was probably the first online food site I ever used to get a recipe from. I was so impressed and regularly went in to check out things. Must revisit it!


  4. Another post about glorious quinces…so very lucky. It’s lovely to be able to have a peek around your kitchen, thanks for sharing.


  5. More quince envy! Everybody’s got them except me…I’ll have to grab some from the markets this weekend. It’s funny you mentioning about how easy the dumpling wrappers ended up being…I find that with pasta too. Every time we make from scratch it’s easier than i expected!


  6. Quince Envy! I’ve never tried one but everyone seems to be doing things with them this month!

    I’m so impressed you made your own dumpling wrappers. They sound delicious 🙂


  7. All power to you Maree, I’ve never made my own dumpling wrappers! I’ve heard there’s nothing like homemade though! Your quinces look fantastic – we’re still going through last year’s quince jelly, or I’d rush out and get some more! Tarra Valley Foods sounds wonderful!


    1. Hi Celia! Yes, the wrappers were great. Thanks to you for posting that link to the dumpling sisters, really helpful. Their method was soooo easy. Quince were beautiful and I love the gifting that was done from Tarra Valley Foods. He often rings to see if I want some of the produce he picks up and leaves them on my back door. Great relationship developed just by me selling him some of my Fowlers jars! :). Coming to Sydney next weekend to do a Herbie’s spice class (told hubby it was trip for his 60th b/day). I’m sure he’ll have a lovely day by himself wandering around. Hope it’s a bit drier by then. Cheers, M.


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