Garden Share Collective-Firsts.

Bit of a mixed bag this month, Winter can be quite depressing with the weather cold, daylight hours are short and some of the winds we have had have tested the moods of many. Rain has been incessant too, making it difficult to get out into the garden. That’s why on days like today we need to celebrate and make the most of such lovely sunshine.

Loads of firsts to report!

First baby lemons on the dwarf Eureka lemon IMG_5024 First shiitake mushroom since I set up the new dedicated spot for them IMG_5029 First crops in the the new wicking beds in the greenhouse are going well.IMG_5036First fruit on the Pink Grapefruit tree. Waiting with anticipation to see if they are pink when they ripen. Climate can effect how much colour develops, with warmer areas having stronger colour.IMG_5041 First tomato seeds planted have emerged. So far I have planted Siberian, Purple Egg, Grosse Lisse, Heirloom Mix from Diggers, Russian Purple, Money Maker, German Johnston and Tigerella, I’m yet to sow Amish Paste, San Marzano, Periforme Abruzzese, Black Krim, Big beef and Black cherry. I’m determined this year I will have a great range to do a taste test of. I am also planning on selling some to staff and passers-by. This helps cover cost of seed, potting mix etc.IMG_5052My first ever brussel sprout plant is not performing too well (I think). Seems stunted, anyone got any ideas? It’s about 500ml high, maybe that’s normal but not having grown them before I’m not sure.IMG_5027 First heavy frost came yesterday, looks like someone has put cling wrap over the bird bath.IMG_3501 First of the jonquils are smiling around the placeIMG_3521  First firing up of the wood fire stove this year. I did the big clean up of it and baked bread, osso bucco, potato & leek soup and made a lovely big pot of chicken stock. The bread I made this week isn’t my usual sourdough but a loaf my niece handed over the recipe too. It’s a basic yeasted white bread cooked in a cast iron pot. Because I had the wood fired oven on I was able to fit it in, bliss! Loaf looks good, osso bucco was delicious as was the potato and leek soup. the only things bought for all of this was the osso bucco meat, and some chicken necks for the stock. Everything else came from the garden or what I have in bulk (bread flour etc). That makes me happy!IMG_5131

Osso bucco with mash and broccoli.

Thanks Lizzie from Strayed Table for hosting the Garden Share Collective concept. Great to see what others from around the world are up to. Hook up to GSC wont be available until Monday 4th August. Looking forward to what you have to report.


14 Replies to “Garden Share Collective-Firsts.”

  1. What a great mix of harvests and soon to be harvests. I’m very jealous of the shitake logs.
    Sorry, can’t help on the brussels sprouts question; they’ve never grown well for me, sadly.


  2. Your brussels sprouts look much healthier than ours do but that’s probably because the guinea fowl decided to make a dust bath in the sprout bed. It sounds as though you’re going to have enough tomatoes to set up a canning factory.


    1. Ha ha, dust baths a necessary evil! Yes, lots of tomatoes but I sell a lot of seedlings to others. Any left get planted somewher, anywhere! ALways find room 🙂


  3. Wow, your jonquils are so pretty in that light, lovely!! I’ve got some daffodils, but they haven’t come out just yet!

    How old is your dwarf lime tree? Mine’s look similar with a lot of buds, will they all end up fruiting? It’s the first year I’ve had it 🙂


    1. Hi Helen, thanks. This lime is in its second year. Pot size was around 25cm when purchased. The dwarf eureka lemon I planted at the same time is also fruiting. Citrus love loads of chook poo! Cheers.


  4. Those shitake logs are interesting. I thought about doing once. And I love the light through the jonquils. So pertty.


  5. All those seedlings… you’re going to be busy with lots of potting on very soon. Are the mushrooms easy to grow? I’ve never tried because I assumed they would be difficult (cowardly gardener!), but maybe I should give it a try.


  6. I tried brussel sprouts last year and they did not work for me at all, just not cold enough.They put out little buds the size of my thumbnail but didn’t get any bigger. looks like your plant has some strong growth in the leaves though, so maybe soon? Good Luck. Love the shot of the frozen water.


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