Jerusalem Artichoke Trial No 1

Ok, I’ve got this big bucket full of Jerusalem Artichoke, what on earth do I do with them?Jerasulem ArtichokesGoogled for recipes that would seem to be suitable, IMG_4223 Decided tonight I would give the Roast Chicken with Jerusalem Artichoke and lemon recipe (link below) a shot. I will try and make all four chosen recipes using different techniques over the next week or so, just to get a better picture of how these artichokes behave. The recipe said to boil the JA’s for 10-15 mins until cooked but not soft. Don’t know if it was because they were so fresh but 2-3 minutes into the boil and they were soft. There was a floral aroma around the work area that I couldn’t quite make out. I’m quite sensitive to fragrances and I didn’t like what I was sniffing. I tasted the JA’s while raw and they were just like water chestnut, crisp, not too starchy and quite OK. Maybe the cooking brings out an aromatic  fragrance not noticeable in the raw state. The whole time I prepared, cooked and ate this dish I had the feeling that took me to when food has been in the fridge and something like quince or mango had permeated everything. Didn’t really feel comfortable about it. I served the dish on a bed of rice noodles topped with some finely sliced carrot.


Roast Chicken & Jerasulem Artichoke This is the recipe link but I’m not uploading it onto my recipe page as I don’t think it is worthy.

Best part in my opinion was that I got to serve the first broccoli of the season. It was beautiful, outshone everything else I reckon. Mr ATMT thought the dish was fine but I was just ok with it.



The broccoli is really starting to come on, really looking forward to using it. Think the protection nets I put in place early in the season have helped dramatically with protection from bugs and other munchy critters.




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