Finally after weeks of waiting, the first ripe Rocoto chillies can be seen in the lower part of the bush. IMG_3238 These chillies are a perennial variety that can keep producing for years. I planted a cutting in early spring and the bush is now about 5ft high and masses of flowers appear continually. I have been hand pollinating with a tiny paintbrush to ensure good fruit set. Even with our bee attracting plants we aren’t seeing many around. If this goes well I don’t think I will bother planting other varieties to save using precious bed space Plantings this week have been parsnip, succession broccoli, garlic, strawberry runners separated from main plant and potted up. I did try and prestart some parsnip seed quite a few weeks ago and although I used ‘guaranteed’ fresh seed, nothing has appeared. For the last few seasons Ive been getting garlic from Simon at garlic world  and I am so impressed by the quality of his bulbs I just can’t stop myself. I don’t really need to buy planting stock anymore, I could use my own, but I just love his reasoning as to why he does what he does so I like to support his ethical business. Californian and Italian garlic. IMG_3237 Harvests this week have been tomatoes (the last few growing in the green house), basil, spring onions, beans, eggplant, jalapeños, lettuce, kale, strawberries, thyme, silver beet and a couple of lonely asparagus spears. I used the last of last seasons compost to fill the garlic bed and desperately wish I had more. Think I will be calling on locals with horses for some stable manure! IMG_3253 I had to trim the thyme in the patch that is planted near the water feature so into an exclusion bag went the trimmings, hung up to dry in the shed. It shall not be wasted! I just love these exclusion bags. Drying thyme We are still working on the floor boards and with luck we can ‘move back in’ next weekend.

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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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4 Responses to Red!

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s interesting to see your photo of the Rocoto chillies – I was sent some seeds and am growing them for the first time this year, now I know what to expect! Your harvest looks good… it’s still early spring here, so basil and strawberries are yet to come.


    • fergie51 says:

      I love seasons of change! We are just finishing both the basil and strawbs. The chillies are really nice, quite hot but a good flavour. I will attempt to make some chilli jam in the next few weeks, that always sounds so decadent!


  2. Sarah says:

    Those exclusion bags look very nifty! Are they basically muslin sewn up on two edges and gathered at the top? Great idea. I’ve got a bundle of lavender drying in a messy heap in a brown paper bag at the moment. A muslin bag would be much better. Lovely blog 🙂


    • fergie51 says:

      Hi Sarah, sorry for late reply, been away. These bags are a nylon fabric and I got them on Ebay. Not very expensive and I was a bit worried they may be a waste of money and not last, but it is now the 3rd season and they don’t show any signs of deterioration. So many uses I have found for them its amazing! Come in various sizes, small through to large so I got an assortment. Good for protecting crops, drying herbs, storing bulbs, onions and garlic. Useful for drying seeds for saving. I’ve even used them as a strainer for puree! Highly recommended. Prices seemed to vary but I went for the cheapest and they have been fine. Just been to Sumatra and I noticed quite a few of the farms there were using them to protect crops from birds too. Cheers.


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