Decision making-fors and againsts!

Mr ATMT and I have different views, opinions and attitudes  when it comes to making decisions.  The outcome of whether or not to proceed is based on very different sets of processes undertaken in the mind. It is usually me who is hesitant to quickly jump in, I need time to process and visualise stages that will be undertaken to get to the final point. Having said that, the final point is NEVER as I visualise it. I just cannot, as much as I try imagine how something will look once its been completed. We have been deliberating the pros and cons of having the floor boards done now rather than wait until the rest of the reno is done.

My againsts doing the floors now:

  • Fearful that we will slop, drop, splash paint etc on the finished surface. We don’t have a very good track record of being neat and clean decorators!
  • I have imagined the floors being done after everything else has been done, like putting the crown on the king or the veil on the bride. Ties everything together and make it all shine. Bit like when you sweep the path or wash the windows.
  • Worried we will not get a sense of accomplishment, that this big job will just disappear into the murkiness of all the other jobs we have to face.

Mr ATMT’s fors:

  • Wants to feel like something has been finished (understandable) and that it will be a quick fix hit that we are moving forward.
  • Will help decide what to do with dealing with the cedar trim in relation to paint or renovate the natural timber.
  • Just wants too see it happen!

I think we both have legitimate opinions, I like the fact that we will actually be able to finish the bedroom completely once the floors are done. Bottom line is, what have we got to lose? We are going to use a Whittle Wax product due its more natural components and its much lower environmental impact. Some friends had this treatment applied to their floors a couple of years ago and we have been watching to see how they stood up to it  (the floors!). Quite impressed really! The biggest problem is that we said yes to the floor man on Saturday and he starts on Tuesday and yes, we have to have everything out of the house for him by Tuesday. We also discovered another couple of rotten boards when moving furniture so they needed attention. How do we get into these situations?


This the front bedroom where we found a board that needed replacement so we robbed Peter to pay Paul and used boards from the kitchen. The whole kitchen floor will be replaced so it is recycling before it even been cast out!

IMG_3173This is where we ‘raided’ some floor boards from. The brickwork is the original cheese cellar that you can access from the cupboard above it. I’m trying to work out how to incorporate using this into the new kitchen design, possibly as a ‘cool cupboard’. We are just going to cover this hole with particle flooring for the short term.

Some before shots.

This is the main passage, baltic pine boards but some with old stain and glue from where  black and white vinyl tiles had been laid in the doctors waiting room and front entry.


This is the main bedroom we have created by knocking out a wall. The floor boards in here are a blend of original and reclaimed ones we purchased.


I decided it would be good thing to stay away from Mr ATMT and our son as they moved the furniture out into the garage. I did a fair amount of the small stuff like all the crystal cabinet and things from the sideboard. Fortunately we should be able to stay in the house, the room we are using, the bathroom, a spare bedroom where most stuff is stored and the kitchen are not targeted areas. We have an outside loo available,  cooking isn’t a problem as we’ve been managing that for over a year anyway. May mean a step ladder into the bathroom for a shower from outside if necessary. I’m sure we will work it out!


Busy, busy, busy! Summer clearing out, autumn planting, winter planning and some very welcome rain to boot. The old pumpkin vines and tomato plants have been pulled and tossed into an area that we will be planting as a new garden bed. Doesn’t look too pretty at this stage but when the area is top filled with soil they will break down and be a source of nutrient to the plants.


Not too many pumpkins harvested this year. Tried a new variety (can’t remember what) but I think I’ll go back to good old butternut which are  a good cropping and excellent keeping variety. I still have 2 from last season.IMG_3187 In go the broad beans and brussel sprouts!IMG_3181

The last of the tomatoes, loads of beans and chillies. Blanched and froze most of the beans for use in curries and casseroles throughout the winter.IMG_3159

Divided up the lemon grass and now have four really good size clumps. 2 in a bath tub and 2 in pots. You can see here the new shoots coming out from where I have previously harvested stalks.IMG_3177

Cleaned out the greenhouse and set up some trellis for snow peas to climb on. Any ideas what else I can put in here?IMG_3183Seed sown this weekend is brown onion, broccoli and lettuce. Spring onion, brussel sprout, silver beet and seedlings all in. Lots of jobs done but as always so many more to do.

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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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