Seasonal glut, love it.

I really didn’t expect to get enough tomatoes to worry about making passata, tomato sauce, maybe drying or making sun dried tomatoes in olive oil  or any other tomato preserve this year. I wasn’t that distressed about that, because when I moved everything out of the only storage cupboard we have (w5$#^&*!!!*) because we pulled out the cupboard, there was still quite a good supply of stored tomato goodies. Pulled in 2 directions, one that I might be saved  the ‘hassle’ (only cause I don’t have the facilities) and the other that I would feel really self defeated if I didn’t store any harvest. I just love the whole concept of ‘squirrelling’ and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Because we have had a last-minute glut of tomatoes, mainly the san marzano variety, I was quite happy to justify pulling out the gear and ‘doing’ some passata. I can’t remember the last time I bought commercially made tomato products and because I store the passata in small, easily obtainable bottles so there is no waste, it is great as a gift and can even be packed when camping and the stubby (bottle) can go into the recycling after use without feeling guilty.


Passata machine out, ready for its seasonal use

IMG_3002The glut that I didn’t expect! Mixture of san marzano, big beef, black krim and a couple of kilos of bought romas (purely to make it worthwhile doing a passata batch). I got 5kgs at the Dandenong Market for $5.00 and they look pretty good. Exactly 10kgs of tomatoes to play with. This is much smaller than what I usually do (30-40 kgs) but I just can’t justify that this year. I will create a PDF of a step by step passata making process that I use over the next couple of days. Too many photos for one blog post!

Slow cooker roast chicken.

I stumbled upon a local family a couple of weeks ago who are producing pasture feed chickens using ethical and sustainable practices. Added bonus that they were prepared to deliver to me on their way through to a market. I’m hoping I can encourage staff at school to join me in supporting such a great local businesses.

Out came the slow cooker, I filled the chook cavity with lemon, sage and thyme, patted the outside dry and rubbed some oil into the skin. Into the slow cooker sitting on some scrunched up aluminium foil. Cooked on high for first 2 hours then turned it down to low for remainder of time. I think it was about 10.00am when I put it on. I occasionally basted skin with juices that had escaped.


Looks a bit sad and sorry doesn’t it?

IMG_3106I roasted some veg in the ‘toy  oven’ and made some roast eggplant, garlic and lemon mash as a bed to put the chicken on. Threw some peas over the lot (Mr ATMT likes peas!) and sat down to it. Not disappointed at all, juicy, flavoursome and so nice knowing I have used a local producer who operates ethically! Highly recommend Mirboo pastured poultry they do a lot of farmers markets so check it out.

This weeks Lemon Tart

Tonight I tried a recipe from  a blog very nice, but I think Alice Medrich’s beats it by a whisker as far as easy to make, tartiness and zing goes. Very nice though!

IMG_3108If you have a great lemon tart recipe please go to my Facebook page and leave details about it there.


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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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4 Responses to Seasonal glut, love it.

  1. Fairy says:

    Look forward to the PDF of passata making. I love a glut, too, but gosh it can be hard work!


  2. lizard100 says:

    That’s an immense amount of tomatoes! Wow! How big is your garden?


  3. So many tomatoes – it’s a good thing you had a glut of stubbies at just the right time too!


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