Mango Recipe wanted!

One of my fellow bloggers was asking if anyone had ideas on how to utilise excess mangoes (poor thing, such a dilemma. One I wish I had!).

It reminded me of a beautiful sauce we purchased many years ago at the Southbank Night Market in Brisbane. I don’t even know if this market still operates. The sauce was Ginger and Mango and was heavenly, a great true mango colour and a fresh zingy yet sweet flavour. I did try to recreate it on our return home but seem to remember it just wasn’t as perfect as the purchased sauce.

Got me thinking about how nice it would be to savour this sauce again and with not a lot of luck, I googled to try to find a suitable recipe. If there is anyone out there who has a GREAT Mango & Ginger sauce recipe that can be bottled, not a salsa, I would love to hear about it and most importantly would love to get the recipe. Fingers crossed someone out there will have something tucked away in their bookshelf or on their iPad that will fit the bill. Feel free to pass this on to anyone else you may know that could help. Cheers!


5 Replies to “Mango Recipe wanted!”

    1. Hey Bonesy, Keep reading……’Sauce recipe’. Yes they freeze incredibly well, make awesome icy poles when you jab a stick up their clacker and throw in the freezer. ALso great sorbet/icecream.
      You doing the marathon this weekend? Or waiting till things settle a bit. (That’s cryptic)


  1. Thanks for linking to my sad dilemma. I have pureed and frozen a heap more mangoes tonight. There are more have come down off the trees so I will be collecting again on Saturday. I checked my Buderim cookbook and no Mango and Ginger sauce but I did find a great sounding mango chutney recipe so am thinking of making a big batch on the weekend.


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