Not normal for me to post on a Monday, but this is good

Garlic harvest time!

Should I, shouldn’t I, should I, shouldn’t I???? I’m sure at times everyone is overwhelmed with advice about planting, maintaining and harvesting their crops. I have grown garlic for about 30 years and still every year I struggle with when I should harvest. Added to my confusion is the fact I am appalling at keeping records (hence the blog) and 12 months between events is a bit too much for my brain to contend with remembering finer details like dates harvested. Combine the fact this is the first year in our new garden and climatic conditions have been very different. Ahhh, what we gardeners have to contend with! My garlic crop seemed to be going well and I knew last year I harvested in time to cure and plait ready for Christmas gifts. Tonight I took the plunge and pulled half the crop and I think its not too far off the mark as far as ready. Ill leave the rest in until next week and make a comparison.


1/2 the harvestQuite happy, most are good sized bulbs but there are a few runts too! Next couple of days are supposed to be hot so I am interested to see how the ones I pull next week turn out.

What on earth is this???

What's this?

This interesting growth is forming on the base of my bamboo stakes in the greenhouse bath. Looks fungal but not too sure. Has appeared since Friday night, really spongy and when touched has a smell I recognise from somewhere but can’t recall. Any ideas gratefully received.



LibertyWe haven’t been letting the girls out since they developed quite a partiality  to our neighbours place. They have been confined to their magnificent chook house for a couple of months and I took pity on them tonight after our first 34 degree day and thought they might like some respite. Good decision, although since being fed grain they just don’t seem to have the passion for slaters they did have. Might isolate feed for a while before they come out next time!

Foggy froggie!

We get a bit excited now that it is quite obvious that what we are doing is increasing the wildlife  depending on our garden to establish  a safe living environment. When we moved in last  January we only had mynah birds, occasional wattle bird, slugs, slaters and snails. No spiders, bees or anything else at all! With diligent planting, some hand feeding to encourage native birdlife (will lessen as environment becomes more developed) and water placed strategically we are gradually seeing a massive change in the  birds and animals. Haven’t seen an Indian mynah for weeks and we have a great cacophony of various native birds sorting out their pecking order at the feed station.

We were very excited when we saw this froggy! Very blurred but I was too excited to worry about finer details!





FroggyNext goal is to see a lizard and maybe even a snake!

What exciting native wildlife do you have in your yard?



4 Replies to “Not normal for me to post on a Monday, but this is good”

  1. Your garlic is looking great. Are they hard or soft neck varieties? My crop failed completely disappointingly I think I need to try something new next year – any secrets?


    1. Hi Liz, I must admit I did think of you when pulling and how you were disappointed with your harvest. I have been buying my starter bulbs from and although expensive I love their philosophy and the product has been first rate. I was just going to use mine for starting but like to support good local producers when I can. I do plant VERY deep, about 4 inches, if planted not so shallow I add a layer of organic ‘Stuff’ in about early October, don’t know if that changes things. I use a mix of both hard and soft but never record which is which (must get onto that!). My last years crop is just starting to show signs of shooting so I was really pleased with that. Wish I knew what I did too!


  2. Hi Maree, yummo! Our Garlic didn’t get planted until very late (how unusual!). Richard reckons that’s a fungus, and it’s probably best to get rid of the bamboo and spray a bit of mild bleach around that area.


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