More good food, more painting!

When I created this blog the main intention was to keep a diary of how our works were progressing with the renovation and in the garden. It has been a delightful added bonus that I keep discovering a myriad of new and exciting ideas for cooking, growing, lifestyle choices and every possible facet of living. I have also been introduced to a world of like minded people who are keen to share and support those with similar interests.  I am a pretty keen internet user and my work colleagues call me the ‘Google Queen’. The first thing I do if I have a question about anything is to ‘Google It’. I haven’t used a phone book for years, I find youtube great for learning new skills and watching how people do and manage things. Now if only we can ensure it is always used for good and not evil…………

Dinner Saturday night.

Thanks to Lisa over at the ‘Gourmet Wog‘ for posting her recipe and information about Lebanese Toum. I had never heard of Toum before,  but her lively description enticed me and having the ingredients of my garlic, our lemons, oil, egg thanks to our girls, S&P and a bit of water all to hand it seemed a breeze. I mixed the Toum with the Bamix, using grape seed oil and it was a great taste sensation.

Here we go!
Lebanese Toum ingredients-the egg yolk doesn’t go in though.

IMG_1879Served on a nibble platter with grilled turkish bread, grilled chunky and very meaty mushrooms, freshly picked asparagus (sadly not mine), roasted cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and cucumber. Mr ATMT  sat dipping the veg into the sauce for 2 hours and looked like he may hyperventilate if I removed the platter! Luckily we will both stink as badly as each other after such a hit of garlic.

Dinner Sunday Night

We seem to have fallen into a routine of using whatever leftovers there are from Sat night’s creation and rejigging them for Sunday nights dinner. With so many jobs to do with the reno it’s lovely to have a plan in place in advance. Last nights Toum recipe is traditionally served with chicken so I thought some chicken wraps with tabouleh, Toum and salad would be good. It was.

Toum and tabouleh chicken wrap


Spent a fair amount of time repairing, filling, gluing, sanding, undercoating and applying first coat of paint on the recycled cedar skirting boards that are going back into the bedroom. Will do a few coats while removed and once fitted will do final fill and paint.

Skirting painting


Does anyone know if these are Artichokes?IMG_1909 

I planted some tubers earlier in the year but can’t remember where, these are appearing and look too much like they belong so I thought they may the artichokes. Surely someone will know!

IMG_1905I’ve been struggling with the look of the chicken house being so obviously ‘new’, so I have been hunting for ways to make the timber appear a little more seasoned. I settled on using a stain by Intergrain which is apparently a Dulux product, colour I chose is charcoal. I’m really happy with the result and with a little weathering I think it will help the chicken house blend more in with the environment rather than sticking out like a pimple on a bum! It’s nights like this when we have really hammered away with jobs that I miss my japanese bath that we had at the old house. Oh well, there’s another plan to put on the list!


4 Replies to “More good food, more painting!”

  1. You have been busy! I may have to try the Toum as it sounds yummy. I like the look of the chicken and salad wraps, too. That could be on my agenda again now that I have a recipe for gluten-free wraps.

    I can relate to the feeling of needing a bath – I am stiff and sore this morning after my weekend efforts!! The sense of achievement is worth it though. 🙂


  2. I do like the idea of Toum – I will definitely check it out. Love the look of the platter of veg etc you served with it – delicious. As for the artichokes, I am going to be a little vague in saying I think so. I planted some Jerusalem artichoke tubers in my daughter’s schools kitchen garden and something vaguely similar to those have come up in the bed I planted them in. Hoping someone more knowledgeable can confirm for both of us…..


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