Worms, poo & other stuff.

With the huge amounts of leaves I have collected to break down and with 4 large compost bins, chicken coop clearings and as well also collecting kitchen scraps and coffee grinds from work and a few local businesses, I needed to expand my workforce. Worms, worms, worms, can’t get enough! I find the packs of compost worms sold at the local hardware to be very expensive and  I don’t really trust how long they have been sitting on the shelves so viability may be compromised. I have a really good healthy worm farm stocked up  and was a little hesitant to split it as it is so effective. Enter the worm bomb! I found this concept when surfing about worms and thought it worth a shot. The results are great, quick mass stock up of baby wrigglers that I have divided up into the four compost bins, put a layer of cow poo on the top and I hope within a few weeks there will be great increase of activity in all the different systems.

Worm bomb

A couple of mature worms surrounded by the newly hatched babies from the worm bomb.

Cow poo in compost

Collected a few bags of cow poo from our Fish Creek Property and have put a layer of it on surface and added babies from the ‘worm bomb’ into the compost bins.

New capers?

About 5 or 6 years ago I bought two caperberry plants, first year they were in the garden (no joy) so I put them into the same wine barrel the apple tree I moved a few weeks ago was in and basically said ‘Do or Die’. I presumed they were dead (actually I hadn’t presumed anything, more assumed) but when I moved the apple I noticed some healthy roots in the soil attached to the rather dead looking twigs above the soil. One last-ditch effort, planted it into a pot, stuck it into the greenhouse and I did not expect to see any positive result……….

Caperberry sprouting

Well I’ll be danged! Let’s hope it keeps going.

One step closer to the new chook palace!

I had a call from the Men’s Shed earlier this week and we are expecting our new project will be delivered/erected on Monday. Little bit of a grey area here, my species for construction were 3m X 1.8m and I’m a little nervous as someone rang to say dimensions were 3m X 3m….. Oh well, we will just have to work with what appears. I have no doubt it will be sensational. Drainage behind shed in place, site levelled and the girls are helping to clear the area.


Tomorrow I hope to plant the last of the roses I purchased, find a spot for some rhubarb to go in, and get over to Fish Creek to take photos of all the things we need to put up for sale now we have a buyer. Most of all the household stuff will just go to the op-shop, but the tractor and a few other big things need to be managed a bit differently.

Ah the list keeps going, and going, and going……………………….

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