I love the garden in winter, there is a special sense of expectant energy, colours  often seem far more vibrant and I always seem to have a tendency to try to achieve far more than is necessary to be ready for when spring comes. I almost feel quite ‘squirrelly’, storing all the leaves that have fallen to make leaf mould, building compost heaps and making sure any plants that do well as bare rooted stock are sourced and planted.

With some fairly ordinary weather over the last couple of weeks as well as juggling final design concepts with consultant, removing plaster from walls, organising electricians, insulation supply and having the end of financial year workload it has been a struggle getting out into the garden. Not this week though, boy have I had a great few days!

About five years ago, in my ‘squirrelling state’ I bought a dwarf ‘snow apple’ from Diggers, came home and ‘heeled’ it into one of the half wine barrels, it has done quite nicely and I’m glad I didn’t get around to planting it out because we would have left it at the old house when we moved. I decided now was the time to plant it into the garden, as well as upsize the pots the blueberry bushes are in, start training a bay tree into a ball shape, upsize the fig in a pot I have tagged for espaliering, plant some roses, start planning a design for the front yard, put together a small garden shed and start some seeds. Phew, I also had to make sure our property at Fish Creek which is for sale was up to scratch so there was chain-sawing, mowing, weeding and pruning to be done over there. I really wish I could cut back at work and keep doing all of this ‘stuff’ which I just love.

About to go into garden!

Apple root ball

Trimmed a few roots off,

Apple tree root ball trimmed, ready to transplant

moved to garden

With the help of the girls, all done! It was quite big hole I had to dig too. Prunings from apple trees make great additions for adding flavour when smoking food. These will be kept for the next weber smoke up.

Onto the espaliers-

Pear 2nd season training

This pear ‘Sensation’ is taking shape nicely. The orange has been wired to a temporary frame which I will remove as soon as possible. At least I have started the process!

Orange framework

At our old home I had a magnificent bay tree which I had trained into a feature tree with a ball top. I miss having access to picking bay leaves whenever I need to, so it was a priority to get one going again. I decided to go with the feature style again as it is manageable size wise, bay trees can get quite large!

Planted into larger pot, strip stem of leave and buds leaving a few at top. The goal is that stem will continue to grow and once at height I want i will ‘pinch’ out the top and side shoots will be allowed to grow and shaping can commence. You need to select a young plant with a single trunk for this to work. The photo above with the apple before removing from pot, shows the baby bay before I attacked it.

Bay tree formative shaping

Inside we are preparing to have plaster replaced in the room that will become the master bedroom. A decision had to be made about keeping or replacing the old horse hair plaster that was in pretty good shape, but in order to insulate this drafty old home it is easier to replace it. Walls have been stripped exposing some sensational craftsmanship in the chimney brickwork. Almost curves its way up through the walls. Respect to whoever built this! Notice the weather boards on walls? Who else would strip the guts from a room at the coldest time of year?

Plaster off Brickwork chimney Fireplace undressed

Waiting on insulation to turn up so we can make it all snug as a bug!

Last week I was at our Fish Creek property and the highlight after two VERY busy days of refreshing the property was a magnificent sunset. Armed with my camera and a glass of wine I set off  to the bottom paddock and waited for the colour show-I wasn’t disappointed. I will so miss that place (if it ever sells) as I truly enjoy everything about the kaleidoscope of nature’s wonders it offers. Sunset shots (not in sequential order).

IMG_9985 IMG_9991 IMG_9984

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Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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