Risotto Report and other ‘stuff’.

I mentioned yesterday that I had heard that risotto can be made using the slow cooker. I must say I am in awe of the people who give these ideas a crack, this was a winner! Maybe not truly authentic but great texture and oh so easy when I have so many other things to do. Basically it was cook off some onion in some oil and butter till it was clear, do the same with 1 cup of Arborio rice. Chuck that into slow cooker with 2 cups of chicken stock, set on high and let go for a couple of hours. I did add a bit more stock after 2 hours then made the mushroom mix to add to rice when time to serve. I picked up some oyster mushrooms and some Shimeji mushies at the Footscray market and I also picked some shiitake from our backyard. Sliced, into pan with 6 cloves chopped garlic some white wine (was going to add some brandy but couldn’t be bothered digging it out of the cupboard. Cooked it for a bit added one of the sliced roasted capsicum I did this morning, chopped some thyme, parsley and grated lemon rind and stirred through the cooked rice. Topped with some parmesan and herbs and it was a great dinner.  I love my slow cookers!

$1.99 a pack at Footscray market. Really nice texture and flavour.
Rice cooked with capsicum added. Waiting for mushrooms and herbs to be mixed through.


Power of smell.

We had an assault of wonderful smells inside today. It started with roasting the red capsicum I bought yesterday,


went on to the chicken stock I had in the big slow cooker. Bags of chicken bones $1.00 at Footscray market. Each bag had 10 chicken carcasses in it, one bag went to stock and the other into the freezer for next batch. Approximately 7 litres of stock for $1.00 plus power cost of slow cooker.






Chicken carcasses

Finally the smell of the risotto cooking in stock and the mushies in garlic just added another dimension.IMG_9784

Other bits and bobs.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I was having issues with powdery mildew in the greenhouse. I bought some lime sulphur but after some research I was hesitant to use it so I had a go at mixing up some home-made garlic spray. Garlic, baby oil, pure soap and water. Steeped garlic and baby oil to infuse garlic’s beneficial properties, mixed the rest together and diluted with oil. I removed all obvious fruit, foliage and growth that were showing signs of mildew and sprayed. Fingers crossed!


Another section of brick edging done out the back and some plants in. Very happy with this weekend’s achievements!

IMG_9783 IMG_9782



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