Weekly Tip 18th October 2012

What does ‘throw it away’ really mean? When you think about it waste ‘thrown away’ has only been relocated and still needs to be managed in some form. Ask yourself: What do you think about waste? Are you concerned about waste, or is it someone else’s responsibility? Whose responsibility is it? What do your neighbours think about waste?
What about your friends, family and work-mates? Take the chance to influence how other people think about waste. In Australia it costs us millions of dollars a year to collect and dispose of all of our waste (check your rate notice for the garbage disposal rate). It also costs us money to try to fix the damage waste disposal can do to our environment. 56% of Australia’s domestic waste comes from food scraps and green-waste, all manageable by composting, paper 19%, 3% metal, 6% plastic, 5% glass all recyclable. Time to do some re-thinking before we ‘throw away’. This comes right back to choices made when purchasing, simply thinking packaging is recyclable is not a solution.

About fergie51

Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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