Weekly Tip 6th September 2012

According to EnergyRating.gov.au, there are now 2.4 televisions in each household and that it isn’t out of the realms of possibility that within a few years there will be the equivalent of 1 per person. The problem relating to energy consumption of these beasts is that Plasma TVs, use much more energy than older (and typically smaller) televisions, the worst of the giant plasma screens can guzzle up to 700W/hr.

In the last ten years, the total energy use of televisions in Australia has almost doubled, and TVs now rank after fridges, air-conditioning and heating and water heating as the main energy user in Australian homes.

So it’s a welcome relief to read that flat-screen televisions are becoming much more energy efficient. Plasma TVs are now something like six times more energy efficient than they were five years ago. Over the same period the image quality of LED-back lit LCD screens, which are even more energy-efficient, has also improved significantly. It would be wise to investigate the purchase of a new TV carefully or even better to dedicate time to turning it off and reading, playing games or listening to music!

About fergie51

Sourdough baker, teacher, eater and student. Sustainable living advocate and passionate food grower. Conduct sourdough baking classes at my home and administrator of Facebook support page for Australian & New Zealand sourdough bakers.
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