Orange Soup

Named not because of its citrus content but because nearly every ingredient used is an orangy colour! This is a family favourite and can be in the pot cooking in 10 minutes and ready to serve in about an hour.


Butternut pumpkin as we call it in Australia, butternut squash for other countries. I am using some grown last summer as they are starting to soften and I don’t want to see them wasted.

Brown onions or leek if you have some available,

Sweet potato (Kumara) X 1,

Carrots X 2 medium,

Ginger-knob of about 2.5cm (1″) grated, more or less to taste.

Stock-I usually use chicken or vegetable but beef is fine too. Tonight it will be a bit of vegie and a bit of chicken. See notes below about stock – Trimmings from tonight’s vegies will go back into the bag for making the next batch. 

Curry Powder-Usually about a generous teaspoon, increase or reduce according to taste and brand of powder.

Peel and chop all ingredients, very small if you are in a hurry or larger if you are happy to let it simmer for longer.

Place all the vegies, ginger and curry powder into pot, add enough stock to just cover the veg. Bring to the boil, turn down and simmer until all the vegies are thoroughly cooked. Blitz mixture with a stick blender and you are done!

To serve you can create many different variations depending on the garnish you choose. Tonight I am using ricotta and fried onion flakes but we really enjoy sour cream or greek yoghurt with cracked black peppercorns or chives sprinkled over.  Just use your own blend. Serve with some bread to dip and you have a hearty, healthy meal. Enjoy!


Thanks to Slow Living Essentials for posting this wonderful way of making stock. Bought stock is expensive, energy intensive to make and doesn’t really have much flavour. Following this method results in a wonderfully rich brew and can be frozen in various sizes to suit any need. Once cooked the waste can be composted or fed to the chooks. Just love it! Go and have a go.

3 Replies to “Orange Soup”

  1. I’ve been doing the vege scraps for years now (well – not keeping them that long at least, but coooking them up!). It always seemed such a waste!


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