Salabat or Ginger Tea Powder.

When we were in Vietnam we had the pleasure of tasting some ginger tea made by one of the locals. It was absolutely delicious, refreshing and zingy, just what we needed to give relief from the heat and humidity. I have been keen to try to make some since our return and the notion that it may assist in relieving nausea spurred me on. With a bit of luck it might give a friend of mine some relief! If not I have no doubt we will enjoy it either as a tea or in some lemonade on a hot day. The description ‘Han’ gave on how to make the tea was that it was very fiddly and time consuming-she was right! I am kicking myself I didn’t take photos while I was cooking but mostly I followed the Salabat making video I found on YouTube and the food recap network . Broken down the method was basically

  • Wash and scrub ginger clean
  • Grate into clean bowl
  • Put grated ginger into food processor and ‘blast’ it
  • Squeeze out as much juice as possible (put processed ginger into cheesecloth and squeeze/wring until no more comes out.)
  • Put juice into wok with equal amounts of brown sugar (must be brown)

The cooking process is pretty much exactly the same as making toffee. While stirring continually  until  boiling, cook until mix reaches cracking stage. Remove from heat, and stir the mix until it turn into powder. This is basically grinding the ginger toffee and I found this part the hardest as it sets like cement really fast. Final result is excellent, very happy and I dried all of the ginger residue left after juicing, zapped it in the spice blender and I now have a great supply of powdered ginger for use in cooking and baking.

4 Replies to “Salabat!”

    1. Hi Margaret, the most time consuming part was cleaning and grating the ginger. Hard to hold nobbly shapes with nobbly hands! Cooking was quick but stressful in case the sugar cooked too far and burned. Thanks for commenting.


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