Fence in a bucket!

I am keen to establish a hedge of sasanqua camellias along the laneway fenceline. Unfortunately sasanquas are very slow to establish and it is proving difficult to source the variety I like in anything bigger than tube stock. I had the idea that good old Abelia is an old-fashioned plant that takes easily from cuttings (I hope) and can be easily removed once the camellias are at a height suitable to make an impact. I am endeavouring to establish a stack of  cuttings that I can plant as the temporary fill in and remove at a later time.

I took a few sections off an existing plant. Please excuse the quality of this photo, forgot to put memory card back into camera so had to use my phone.

I then cut a suitable section from the best pieces, dipped the end in hormone powder and planted into a cut off bucket.

I then covered the pot with a plastic bag and placed into my make shift heat bed. This is an old frying pan, filled with sand and I keep the sand moist. Thermostat doesn’t even need get to WARM and its at a suitable temperature. This must cost next to nothing to run, is extremely reliable and a lot cheaper than the specially designed heat pads (of which I do have as well and it is great!)

Now sit back and hope that in  few weeks I will have successfully created another 70 or so plants.

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